BTO Seminar Programme

Puffin (Derek Belsey, Cliff Reddick)

Puffin (Derek Belsey, Cliff Reddick)

The BTO hosts a programme of seminars at its headquarters in Thetford. Seminars normally take place in the Chapel on Fridays, 11.30 - 12.30.

Interested parties are welcome, but please contact the seminar organisers below to arrange attendance. Our programme is subject to change so please check this page regularly.

Programme organised by Jennifer Border and Henrietta Pringle and Hugh Hanmer - seminars [at]


January 11

Andrew Peters - Beak and Feather Disease Virus in endangered parrots: Better the devil you know

January 26

Aleksi Lehikonen - Mountain bird indicators

February 2

John Ewen - Species translocations and reintroductions

February 16

Chris Wheatley - Extinction risks and conservation opportunities for European biodiversity under climate change

March 9

James Pearce-Higgins and Chris Thaxter - Impacts of renewable energy on global biodiversity – an overlooked cost of climate change mitigation?

March 16

Chris Wheatley - Developing tools for climate change risk assessment

April 20

Chris Sandbrook - How BTO could use movement data from birds to develop a specific game concept

May 11

David Askew - Linking Earth Observation data with BTO monitoring data