Covariation in urban birds providing cultural services or disservices and people.

Author(s): Cox D.T.C, Hudson H.L., Plummer K.E., Siriwardena G.M., Anderson K., Hancock S., Devine-Wright P.,Gaston, K.J
Published: 2018
Journal: Journal of Applied Ecology
Digital Identifier No.: 10.1111/1365-2664.13146


Differences in the distributions of service and disservice species, and the extremely low ratios of birds to people particularly in socioeconomically deprived areas, mean that people there have few opportunities for contact with birds, and the contact they do have is equally likely to be negative as positive for human well‐being. We recommend spatial targeting of improvements in green infrastructure, combined with the targeted provisioning of food and nesting places for service species, to promote positive interactions between birds and people.

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