Bird Table

Garden BirdWatch participants receive an informative and entertaining quarterly magazine called 'Bird Table'. This features the latest results from the survey together with articles about garden birds and how to help them.

With in-depth articles on common garden birds and their identification, Bird Table magazine is a very valuable reference source and some people join Garden BirdWatch just to receive the magazine. gbw [at] (subject: Please%20send%20me%20a%20free%20copy%20of%20Bird%20Table%20magazine, body: Dear%20BTO%0D%0A%0D%0AI%20would%20be%20very%20grateful%20if%20you%20could%20send%20a%20free%20copy%20of%20Bird%20Table%20magazine%20and%20some%20information%20on%20Garden%20BirdWatch%20to%20me%20at%3A%0D%0A%0D%0AINSERT%20YOUR%20NAME%20%26%20ADDRESS%20HERE%0D%0A%0D%0A) (Email us to request a free copy.)

Feature articles

There are also regular features on other aspects of garden bird ecology, wildlife gardening and other garden wildlife. The magazine carries feature articles by well-known birdwatchers and naturalists (e.g. Brett Westwood, Mark Cocker and the One Show's David Lindo), covering a range of interesting topics and subjects.

Learn about birds and other wildlife

In-depth articles focus on individual species, exploring their behaviour, ecology, status and folklore. Supported by information from BTO BirdFacts, these articles are written by Mike Toms, the BTO's Head of Garden Ecology and author of a number of books on garden birds and other wildlife. Examples of these and other articles can be downloaded from our downloads area.

From your gardens

Bird Table also carries regular features on what is happening in gardens up and down the country, reporting on unusual observations and interesting behaviour. You'll also find the results from our surveys and the latest news on bird populations in the wider countryside.

Brush up on your identification skills

Each issue carries an identification workshop by BTO experts and some issues carry special pullout wallcharts for particular groups of species. Most recently these have included Reptiles & Amphibians and Bumblebees. Whether you are new to birdwatching, looking to brush up on you skills or after some tips from the experts, then these features will be of interest to you.

Example of a Bird Table article
expert articles
Example of an identification feature

"The magazine is educative and enjoyable, a credit to all those involved in its production."

John Palmer, Norfolk

Bird Table is a quarterly magazine for participants in the BTO Garden BirdWatch. Join the survey today to get your copy.


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