With their broad ranging interests and experience, our team of scientists are perfectly placed to carry out literature and data reviews. Examples of some of the many reviews we have undertaken include:

  • Review of European Bird Monitoring Schemes   Collation of a database to summarise conclusions emanating from information on large-scale generic population monitoring schemes operated since 1970 in European countries to provide an overview of the extent of bird monitoring in Europe for Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.
  • Cereal Margins  A review of the effects of different sorts of field margins on birds and their food items, for Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.
  • Review of the Status of Introduced Non-native Waterbird Species in the Area of the African-Eurasian Waterbird Agreement   Highlighting the countries most affected by non-indigenous waterfowl species and those most at risk for Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs.

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