Research Services

BTO also provides a range of research services to organisations in the Private and Public sectors, seeking reliable, impartial scientific study to enable informed, responsible decision making.

  • Research:   Our core research areas include farmland birds, woodland and scrub, urban and garden, migration and climate change.  We provide research services within and connected to all of these areas and have amassed considerable results in the fields of agriculture and renewables.  See our Research Report library for further details.
  • Impact Assessments to inform developments such as aggregate extraction, road building, on and offshore windfarms, tidal power and sea defences.
  • Surveys: We design and carry out surveys to both augment existing or provide new data.
  • Modelling:  Using our extensive data resources and results of bespoke surveys we provide modelling and predictive study expertise and experience to a wide range of sectors
  • Reviews: Collation, analysis and reporting on existing data, scientific literature and monitoring schemes.

For more information, please contact applications [at], or call the Research Support Team on 01842 750050.

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