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BTO Research Reports are scientific papers that have been self-published by the BTO. The following is a full list of those BTO research reports which have been published. Most are free to download, and links to Abstracts are included where possible.

Numbers missing from the list are those allocated but which were never produced or which have not been published. BTO recognises that, particularly in respect of commercially sensitive cases, a period of confidentiality is appropriate for some projects.  However, in the interests of scientific development and dissemination of information, we encourage clients to permit publication as soon as it is reasonable to do so.

If you wish to purchase a copy of a report please contact researchreports [at]

More information about our Annual Service reports to JNCC 1992-2005.

38. Prŷs-Jones, R.P., Kirby, J.S. & Evans, A. Publication Date: 1988. The role of the Uists as a late spring staging post for some Nearctic-breeding waders. ISBN: 0-903793-28-8 32pp £2.50 Download Report (PDF)
37. Shepherd, I.G. & Rose, P.M. Publication Date: 1988. An ornithological survey of the Killingholme area. 283pp £20.00 Download Report (PDF)
36. Rose, P.M. Publication Date: 1988. A survey of the wintering birds in the Fawley area (Part 1). 185pp £15.00
31. Phillips, B.N. Publication Date: 1988. An ornithological survey of the Fawley area. 123pp £10.00
30. Gibbons, D.W. Publication Date: 1987. The 'New Atlas' pilot fieldwork. 57pp £5.00 Download Report (PDF)
29. Lack, P.C. Publication Date: 1988. Farmland habitat features and birds. 13pp £2.50 Download Report (PDF)
27. Thompson, P.S. Publication Date: 1987. The seasonal use of gardens by birds with special reference to supplementary feeding. 120pp £10.00 Download Report (PDF)
24. Kirby, J.S. Publication Date: 1987. The ornithological significance of the Mostyn Docks area of the Dee Estuary to wildfowl and waders. ISBN: 0-903793-32-6 41pp £5.00 Download Report (PDF)
23. O'Connor, R.J. & Pearman, D.N. Publication Date: 1987. Long-term trends in breeding success of some British birds. 138pp £10.00 Download Report (PDF)
22. Moser, M.E. Publication Date: 1986. Ecological effects of man's activities on waders. 12pp £2.50 Download Report (PDF)
21. Baillie, S.R., Green, R.E., Boddy, M. & Buckland, S.T. Publication Date: 1986. An evaluation of the Constant Effort Sites Scheme. 103pp £10.00 Download Report (PDF)
19. Baillie, S.R., Clark, N.A. & Ogilvie, M.A. Publication Date: 1986. Cold weather movements of waterfowl and waders: An analysis of ringing recoveries. 269pp £20.00 Download Report (PDF)
18. Cracknell, G.S. Publication Date: 1986. The effects on songbirds of leaving cereal crop headlands unsprayed. 66pp £5.00 Download Report (PDF)
17. Lack, P. Publication Date: 1985. Population estimates of birds wintering in Britain and Ireland. 52pp £5.00 Download Report (PDF)
15. O'Connor, R.J. & Fuller, R.J. Publication Date: 1984. A re-evaluation of the aims and methods of the Common Birds Census. 157pp £15.00 Download Report (PDF)
14. Moser, M. Publication Date: 1984. Solway Firth shorebird survey. 173pp £15.00 Download Report (PDF)
13. Hudson, R.W. & Marchant, J.H. Publication Date: 1984. Population estimates for British breeding birds. 94pp £10.00 Download Report (PDF)
12. Fuller, R.J., Marchant, J.H. & Morgan, R.A. Publication Date: 1984. Monitoring farmland birds in Britain: Composition and representativeness of Common Birds Census samples. 47pp £5.00 Download Report (PDF)
11. Baillie, S.R. Publication Date: 1984. The movements of migratory birds in periods of severe cold weather. 66pp £5.00 Download Report (PDF)
9. Fuller, R.J. & Taylor, K. Publication Date: 1983. Breeding birds and woodland management in some Lincolnshire limewoods. 25pp £2.50 Download Report (PDF)
8. O'Connor, R.J., Cawthorne, A. & Mead, C.J. Publication Date: 1982. The effects of severe winter weather on British Bird Populations. 53pp £5.00 Download Report (PDF)
7. Morgan, R.A. Publication Date: 1982. Breeding seasons of some British waders. 55pp £5.00
6. Mead, C.J. Publication Date: 1982. The possible impact of wind power generators on flying birds. 16pp £2.50 Download Report (PDF)
5. O'Connor, R.J. & Mead, C.J. Publication Date: 1981. Population level and nesting biology of the Stock Dove Columba oenas in Great Britain, 1930-1980. 47pp £5.00 Download Report (PDF)
4. O'Connor, R.J. & Marchant, J.H. Publication Date: 1981. A field validation of some Common Birds Census techniques. 260pp £20.00 Download Report (PDF)
2. Mead, C.J. Publication Date: 1981. Ringing recoveries of Medway waders. 26pp £2.50 Download Report (PDF)
Pearce-Higgins, J.W. Publication Date: 2021. Climate Change and the UK's Birds. Download Report (PDF)
Green, R.M., Thaxter, C.B., Johnston, D.T., Boersch-Supan, P.H., Bouten, W. & Burton, N.H.K. Publication Date: 2023. Assessing movements of Lesser Black-backed Gulls using GPS tracking devices in relation to the Galloper Wind Farm<br /> . ISBN: 978-1-912642-54-0 Download Report (PDF)
Mancini, F., Boersch-Supan, P.H., Robinson, R.A., Harris, M. & Pocock, M.J.O. Publication Date: 2022. An introduction to model-based data integration for biodiversity assessments. ISBN: 978-1-86107-639-7 30pp
Newson, S. & Austin, G, Publication Date: 2022. Definition of Favourable Conservation Status for Great Cormorant, Phalacrocorax carbo. ISBN: 978-1-78354-723-4 25pp Access via Natural England
Broome, A., Fuller, R.J., Bellamy, P.E., Eichhorn, M.P., Gill, R.M.A., Harmer, R., Kerr, G. & Siriwardena, G.M. Publication Date: 2017. Implications of lowland broadleaved woodland management for the conservation of target bird species. Download Report (PDF)