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Access the page for a species by clicking its link on the list below. Each species page has alphabetical and taxonomic listings giving access to all the others.

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List of species (in BOU taxonomic order)



Information to aid interpretation of the pages for individual species can be found on the Key to species texts page.

The following seabird species are not covered by BirdTrends but full trend information is available from the Seabird Population Trends and Causes of Change: 2011 Report, a separate web site produced by a partnership of which both BTO and JNCC were a part.


This report should be cited as: Baillie, S.R., Marchant, J.H., Leech, D.I., Renwick, A.R., Eglington, S.M., Joys, A.C., Noble, D.G., Barimore, C., Conway, G.J., Downie, I.S., Risely, K. & Robinson, R.A. (2012) BirdTrends 2011. BTO Research Report No. 609. BTO, Thetford. http://www.bto.org/birdtrends