The latest BBS report includes an annual update of population trends, specifically along waterways, for 24 species with the strongest association with that habitat type. These trends are repeated in the table below. Trends are derived from the entire WBBS data sets, and date back to 1999.

The Breeding Bird Survey Report and WBBS population trends

A full summary of the 2018 WBBS season and the latest WBBS population trends can be found in the WBBS pages of the Breeding Bird Survey Report.

These trends are also available for download in spreadsheet format here -. This table shows percentage changes in bird populations during the specified periods. Trends for species in brackets are reported with caveats: Cormorant, Grey Heron and Common Tern are reported with the caveat that counts may contain a high proportion of birds away from breeding sites. 

BirdTrends and WBBS

BirdTrends contains information on the details of methodology and a discussion of each species - for which we produce WBBS trends - in a wider context.

Population trend graphs