Resources for demonstrations, displays and talks

Often the best way to get people interested in ringing is for them to see it first hand. You'll also find you have a captive audience as well, so its important to have plenty of things to talk about and to show visitors. All of the items below are available to borrow from the BTO, so you'll just need to give us enough warning to get them sent out to you.

To book out ringing demonstration resources, please fill out a 

booking form

booking form (DOC, 44.50 KB)
 with details of your event and what you'll need and mail it back to us at ringing [at]


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Leaflets and laminates  


Ringing leaflet

Ringing leaflet (PDF, 655.63 KB)
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Ringing talks

We have prepared a set of PowerPoint slides for you to download and use, all of which have accompanying notes. You can download the whole talk or just the sections you're interested in.

*** We are in the process of updating this talk - the new version will be available soon. ***

100 years of bird ringing:

What we know and what we don't

In the process of being updated
Introduction Download 12 Mb
Movements Download 2.8 Mb
Life histories Download 5.2 Mb
Survival Download 1.1 Mb
CES and IPMs Download 2.8 Mb
Close Download 2.2 Mb