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BTO provides a discussion forum for volunteers, through a platform called Discourse. The forum is intended to provide a place for volunteers to discuss topics informally, to ask for help or advice from the wider ringing and nest recording community, to provide updates on how the season is going, to advertise ringing opportunities and so on. It is important to note that this forum will not be used to disseminate essential updates from the Ringing & Nest Recording Team as we cannot ensure that all volunteers will access the platform regularly; these will continue to be disseminated via email.

Accessing the forum

To access the forum, go to and log in with your surveys account details (the login you use for DemOn, BBS online, WeBS online etc.).

Once you have signed in, open a new window in the same browser that you are logged into MyBTO in and type, which will take you to the forum landing page.

The assignment of members to Groups in Discourse happens on login to the BTO website.  If you have been continuously logged into MyBTO for a while and cannot access the forum when you attempt to do so, please try logging out of MyBTO and logging back in again. If this still doesn’t work, please request access and a member of staff can manually validate your request.

Below is a brief guide to get you started, but more detailed guidance is given in the Discourse user guide, available here.

Finding your way around the forum

On the forum landing page, the discussion groups (called ‘Categories’ in Discourse) to which you have access will be displayed on the left hand side of the screen. The one relevant to nesting is called Nest Recording  (shown in the red box in screenshot below) and is only accessible to nest recorders and licensed ringers – no-one else will see this link or be able to access the forum.

If cannot see the name of this group listed, please log out of the forum and log back in again. To log out, select the account icon (furthest right of the icons at the top right of the forum screen, and then select ‘Preferences’ (furthest right of the icons in the box that appears) and choose Log Out. If you still cannot see the group, please contact webmaster [at]

Screenshot of the landing page for the NRS Forum

Clicking on ‘Nest Recording’ will take you to the general nest recording category. At the top of the screen, a number of more specific categories (DemOn, Nesting tips & tricks, Mentoring & Training, Equipment) have been set up and you can move to each of these by clicking on the name.

Screenshot of the NRS forum categories

Once you have selected a category, you will see a list of relevant posts (called ‘Topics’ in Discourse) and, just like an email inbox, clicking on each one will open it, allowing you to read it and reply, creating a discussion thread. The screenshot below shows what an opened post (‘Topic’) looks like.

Screenshot of an open Topic thread

If you want to start a new discussion, you can click on the highlighted ‘start a new conversation’ link at the bottom of the screen (red box on screenshot below) or click the ‘New Topic’ button at the top right of the screen (blue box below).

Screenshot showing how to start a new conversation


By default, you will not receive notifications about responses to your messages or new posts when you are not logged on to the forum. If you want to change this, you need to edit your preferences by i) selecting the account icon (furthest right of the grey icons at the top right of the forum screen, and then ii) selecting ‘Preferences’ (furthest right of the icons in the box that appears) to take you to the preferences menu.

Screenshot showing how to find the Preferences menu

Discourse app

A mobile app is also available that lets you keep track of posts to our Discourse forum: 

After the Discourse app is installed you’ll need to add the BTO forum to get started. The forum name to enter is

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