Taking part

Nest Box Challenge is an on-line survey, so there are no paper forms to complete. Instead, you record your observations online via the NBC Data Home page. To take part in Nest Box Challenge, please follow these steps:

  1. Register your contact details

    If you haven't taken part in an online BTO survey before, you'll need to create your own user account so that you can log in and participate in NBC. Please see here for details on creating a user account.

  2. Login to NBC Data Home

    Once you have an account for taking part in BTO surveys online, you can log in to NBC Data Home whenever you want to record observations or register gardens or boxes. A login button is always available at the top left hand corner of the NBC pages.

  3. Register your garden and nest boxes/sites

    The first time you login in to NBC Data Home, you need to tell us about your garden/green space and your nest boxes/sites by registering them. Please see here for instructions on registering gardens and nest sites/boxes.

  4. Watch what's going on with your nest boxes/sites

    We provide full instructions on how to safely monitor the nest boxes and nests in your garden by approaching them and inspecting the contents. However, if you cannot or do not wish to look inside your nest boxes, you can still collect valuable information. Please see here for instructions on monitoring your nest boxes and nests.

  5. Enter your observations

    Every time you have observations you want to record, simply log in to NBC Data Home and select My observations from the Your options menu. Please see here for more details on recording your observations online.

Important reminders...

  • Register your box as soon as possible – you don’t have to wait until a bird uses it.
  • Keep checking your box until the end of August – most nest box species don’t fledge chicks until the beginning of June, and some species may have a second brood in the summer.

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