Share your photographs on our Flickr page

Many of you have been sending us photos of birds and other wildlife that you’ve logged in your gardens. As a convenient way for us to display these we’ve recently started a BTO Garden BirdWatch group on the photo-sharing website Flickr. We also display photos from this group on the Garden BirdWatch homepage, so keep watching and you may see your own photos featured!

The BTO Garden BirdWatch group photos can all be seen at

Using Flickr enables users to view and comment on each other’s photos, allow easy searching for more photos of the same species, and provide some extra publicity for BirdTrack.

To add your photos to the BTO Garden BirdWatch group you will first need to register for a Flickr account. You can use a free account – the monthly and total limits on the amount you can upload are sufficient for most users. Once registered, visit the BTO Garden BirdWatch group and click “Join This Group”.

You can upload photos directly to Flickr in a number of ways, the simplest being via the upload page on their website. You should add a title and description to your photos when they are uploaded, and please also “tag” them with the species name. Ideally you should add both English and scientific names, plus the location, since this makes for easy searching. Use quotes for multiple words in a tag, e.g. Chaffinch “Fringilla coelebs”. When your photo(s) are uploaded don’t forget to add them to the BTO Garden BirdWatch group. The easiest way to do this is to click on the photo and then click the small “Send to group” icon above it.

Copyright of photos uploaded remains with the photographer. From time to time we will use photos from the BTO Garden BirdWatch group to illustrate items on the BTO Garden BirdWatch website: credit will be given to the photographer in each case.

You can find out much more about Flickr itself by taking the Flickr Tour or using the Help. Note that it you have just registered for Flickr and added some photos to the BTO Garden BirdWatch group it may take a few days before your photos appear due to Flickr’s checks on new accounts.

If you do add a photo to the BTO Garden BirdWatch Flickr group, don’t forget to also add the sighting your weekly GBW records!