Nesting Neighbours

Nesting Neighbours is the name used in association with the BTO's working on nesting birds living within urban habitats. The project was launched in 2010, when we produced a handy guide to identifying the nests and eggs of some familiar garden species, copies of which are still available.

Current projects:

BTO Nest Box Challenge - This survey follows the progress of individual nesting attempts, both in nest boxes and (since 2010) in open nests. It involves more effort than the Garden Nesting Survey, since you are asked to record things in greater detail, but it allows us to do more with your observations. Nest Box Challenge can only be done online. Find out more >>>

BTO Nest Record Scheme - The Nest Record Scheme gathers vital information on the productivity of the UK’s birds, using simple, standardised techniques. Nest recording is one of the simplest BTO projects to take part in, so it is accessible to everyone. It provides an ideal opportunity for you to participate in the conservation of Britain’s birds. So, whether you can monitor a single garden nestbox or are carrying out a larger study, please submit your records to us. Nest Record information can be submitted on special recording cards or by using a standalone software package called IPMR, which is available free from the BTO. Find out more>>>

Completed projects

BTO Garden Nesting Survey - This survey provided information on which birds nest in gardens, what type of gardens they prefered and when they made their nesting attempts. The survey took place during 2010. During its first year, this survey collected information both online (supported by Gardenature) or through paper recording forms. Find out more>>>