Additions to GBW Online

We have made some additional functionality available within Garden BirdWatch Online for the Garden Wildlife Health Project. These additions are:

1. New food types

We have added 'Food put out for badger, fox or pine marten' and 'Food put out for hedgehog' so that you can record any foods put out for these mammal species. Before, we had only allowed you to record foods provided for birds.

2. Optional life stages for Common Frog and Common Toad

We have added three life cycle stages to the Reptiles/Amphibians tab for Common Frog and Common Toad. Use the tick boxes to denote the presence of frog/toad spawn or tadpoles. Counts should only refer to adults of juveniles. We have introduced this now to see how it works over the remainder of the year and it will go fully live from 2014.

3. Health tab
We have added a new tab to the GBW Online recording form. Please use this to record your observations of sick, dead or diseased garden wildlife made during your weekly GBW recording. If you did not see any disease/mortality incidents, please tick the box that records this. This new information will provide a 'reporting rate' for particular disease symptoms and incidents. You will be prompted to enter disease information so, if you were not looking out for it please tick the 'I did not see any disease/mortality incidents' box.