Roy at the edge of the rainforest

21 Sep 2012
After their recent movements towards the east, we wondered whether Roy and David might be heading to very different mid-winter locations to the Cuckoos tagged last year. In Roy’s case, this now looks less likely as locations received yesterday afternoon (20 September) showed he had moved SSW by approximately 737km (458 miles) since two days previously. He has overflown almost all of Central African Republic and is now just 16km (10 miles) north of the border between that country and Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Roy is in Basse-Kotto prefecture of CAR, about 29km (18 miles) NNW of its capital Mobaye. The habitat in the area is southern Guinea Savannah with gallery forest along the rivers – he has stopped just north of the vast Congo rainforest. If Roy continued on the same path, he would pass about 160km (100 miles) east of the area where the Cuckoos tracked last winter ended up. As the rain is moving south and areas to the north are beginning to dry up, we expect some of the other Cuckoos to follow Roy and Chris to the south over the next couple of weeks.  

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