Cuckoo Sponsorship Packs

The Cuckoo satellite-tagging project has been delighting both old and young alike. We have all eagerly followed our Cuckoos, over sea and desert crossings, to reach their wintering grounds - and make the return trip.

Give a gift with a difference - a Cuckoo sponsorship gift pack

Support the project by treating a friend or relative to a year's cuckoo sponsorship in one of our Cuckoo Sponsorship Gift Packs. They'll be sent a project information pack, and a choice of gift item, and can choose to receive regular email updates on the Cuckoos and have their name listed among our sponsors. It's a gift which can be enjoyed all year-ruond and will support this vital project, which will inform the conservation of Cuckoos in the future.

Adults will love looking at the artwork and accompanying text in Flight Lines, a Cuckoo pin badge makes an excellent gift, and children can learn about the adventure that is migration in these delightful storybooks about a Cuckoo and a Swift

What's included in the pack

The pack can either be posted to you or directly to the gift recipient.

  • Sponsorship of one of our tagged Cuckoos. Their name can be listed on the Cuckoo blog of 'their' Cuckoo.
  • A personalised Cuckoo sponsor certificate.
  • A project pack filled with information including some of what we have learnt over the years.
  • A free gift - Choose from either a copy of Mike Toms' Flight Lines or a beautiful Cuckoo pin badge. For children (ages 7-r0) there's a set of two delightful and educational storybooks about Gowk the Cuckoo and Screamer the Swift's adventures. See some of the illustrations below. We'll also include some bright and cheerful Cuckoo stickers.
  • They can also choose to receive regular Cuckoo email updates on the Cuckoos journey on provision of their email address.

Choose your Cuckoo Pack

Choose from the links below to be taken to the shop pages where you can find out more and purchase a gift pack. 

Make a gift of a whole month of tracking time!

Fund a month of satellite time for one of our Cuckoos

Our satellite tags have a potential lifetime of two or three years, so as long as the birds survive, the tags will carry on working. It costs us £60 a month for the satellite usage and data retrieval.

Perfect for Cuckoo or migration enthusiasts. The lucky recipient will receive an information pack in the post with a personalised certificate and summary map of the journey taken during a month's satellite time to illustrate how much can be learnt from just one month of tracking. They can also choose to receive regular Cuckoo email updates for the year by providing an email adddressThere is no gift item with this package but your support will help inform Cuckoo conservation for many years to come.

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