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Updates from our Cuckoos

Read the latest updates from our Cuckoos on their migration.

Raymond is in the desert

06 Aug 2018
Locations from Raymond's tag during the hours of darkness on 5 August showed that he was crossing the desert, and that he was in central western Mauritania and about half-way across. His tag should have powered back up overnight on 7th August but we haven't heard from him yet. This is not unusual and we hope that when we do next hear from him he is safely across the desert.

Raymond isn't hanging around

26 Jun 2018
Since leaving the Knepp Estate it seems that Raymond has the bit between the teeth. Having spent only a couple of days in northern France, by 22 June he was on the move again. Locations received mid-afternoon on 24 June showed that he had crossed the western end of the Pyrenees and continued south into Castilla y Leon in northern Spain. He is currently moving around wooded hillsides close to Olvega.

Raymond has crossed the Channel

22 Jun 2018
Raymond has left the Knepp Estate in Sussex and is in northern France, just to the north of Cergy and 35km (21 miles) northwest of Paris.

Raymond still in Sussex

20 Jun 2018
Of the three Cuckoos tagged on the Knepp Estate, Sussex, just over a month ago, Raymond is the only one still in Britain. How long will it be before he too makes his move across the Channel?


07 Jun 2018

Tagged on the Knepp Estate on 18 May, Raymond is still moving around the southern part of the estate, maybe interacting with Knepp, one of our other Cuckoos currently on the Knepp Estate.


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