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Updates from our Cuckoos

Read the latest updates from our Cuckoos on their migration.

Larry in Africa

10 Aug 2015

By the early hours of the 8 August, Larry was in Chad, having made it to Africa, though some of you will have noticed an errant signal which appeared briefly on the map placing him to the east of Africa which has now been corrected!.  He is actually just south of the Tibesti Mountain area, where Peckham also stopped recently and raised concerns until we realised that the area had received rain and was probably a strategic stop rather than an indication anything was wrong. Hopefully we will shortly see Larry continue south after a brief rest as Peckham has done too. 

Larry in Italy

21 Jul 2015

Larry has left Croatia and recently joined several other Cuckoos in Italy. However, he is much further south, near Matera in southern Italy. He has covered 370km (230 miles) from his last location. 

Larry in Croatia

08 Jul 2015

A signal received during the early hours of the 6 July showed that Larry had left Hungary and was on the Croatian coast, just west of Vodice, 387km (240 miles) from his previous location.

Larry in Hungary

30 Jun 2015

Newly named Cuckoo, Larry, is currently our most easterly Cuckoo. Having left his tagging site in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire, he has flown 1,583km (983 miles) southeast and is currently in Hungary, southeast of Taplanszentkereszt.


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