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Updates from our Cuckoos

Read the latest updates from our Cuckoos on their migration.

Larry heading west

05 Apr 2016

Locations received from Larry on 26 March showed that he had left Cameroon and headed west into Nigeria. More locations from the early morning of 5 April show that he is still in the area of Nigeria he arrived in ten days earlier. He is currently just south of Old Oyo National Park and just over 100km (70 miles) from the border with Benin.

Larry still in Cameroon

24 Mar 2016

A series of good locations received from Larry's tag on 22 March showed that he was still in Cameroon. However, he has moved 51km (31 miles) north, and closer to the border with Central African Republic. He is currently in an area of riverine forest 6km (4 miles) from the border.

Larry moves north and west

07 Mar 2016

Larry is on his way! During the afternoon of the 5 March we  received several locations from him that showed he was in Cameroon, 802km (498 miles) north and west of his last location on the southern edge of the Congo rainforest. He is currently 54km (33 miles) west of the border with Central African Republic.

Larry still in DRC

24 Feb 2016

A couple of poor quality locations received for Larry on 15 February show that he is still in DRC, close to the Congo border. Hopefully, he will move north and west soon.

Larry back in DRC

20 Jan 2016

Having spent the last two months in Angola, Larry is now back in DRC, moving 639km (397 miles) north-east. He is currently 80km (50 miles) east of the border with Congo.

Larry still in Angola

18 Dec 2015

A location received from Larry on the 16 December showed that he was still settled in Angola.

Larry in Angola

19 Nov 2015

Having reported on 5 November that Larry was settled in DRC he promptly moved overnight. During the early hours of 6 November we received several locations from him that showed he had moved 682km (424 miles) south west into Angola. He didn't stay here very long, and by 11 November had moved another 308km (191 miles) west. He is currently in northern Angola, 46km (29 miles) from the South Atlantic coast.

Larry settled in the rainforest

05 Nov 2015

A location received from Larry on 3 November shows that he is settled close to Lake Mai, in DRC. He may well stay here for the next couple of months, only time will tell.

Larry heads for the Congo

13 Oct 2015

Since the last update, Larry has flown almost 600 miles south from his last location in the south of Chad to the south-western corner of the Central African Republic. He is probably now in or at the edge of the Congolian lowland forests.

Larry continues onwards

12 Aug 2015

After a few days, Larry has continued south and left the Tibesti Mountain area. He is now close to Lake Chad and safely across the desert.


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