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Updates from our Cuckoos

Read the latest updates from our Cuckoos on their migration.

Larry settled in Chad

26 Aug 2016
Since arriving in Chad Larry has been settled in the area in southern Chad close to the Manda National Park, presumably resting and feeding after his desert crossing. He used this stopover last year, leaving it on 10 October.

Larry has crossed the desert

11 Aug 2016
Larry has successfully crossed the Sahara and is currently in southern Chad, close to the Manda National Park.

Larry crossing the desert

02 Aug 2016
A signal received from Larry's tag at 7:20pm on 31st July placed him in southern Libya, on the northern edge of the Tibesti mountains. He seems to be taking a very similar route to last year when his crossing took him to Chad. Hopefully the next transmission from Larry's tag will show that he has successfully crossed the Sahara. 

Larry in southern Italy

12 Jul 2016
Larry has left the heatwave in Croatia and has the crossed the Adriatic to southern Italy. The temprature here is a somewhat cooler - 30 degrees centigrade. Larry took the same route last year. From here we expect him to cross the Mediterranean to Libya and head across the desert towards Lake Chad.

Larry in Croatia

08 Jul 2016

Larry spent a week in Hungary before heading south and west into Croatia. During his southerly migration in 2015 he stopped off in the same area, close to the town of Bogatic. This part of Croatia is currently experiencing a heatwave, with the daytime temperature forcast to get close to 40 degrees C during the next few days. It might be that Larry spends more time in the shade, so we might see a lull in the locations received from his tag as the solar panel on the tag gets less sunlight to charge the batteries.Only time will tell.

Larry's incredible migration

27 Jun 2016
On the evening of 21 June, Larry was still in Lancashire close to his tagging site but when we next heard from his tag during the early hours of 24 June, not only had he left Lancashire but he had departed the UK and crossed a large part of Europe. In just over 30 hours he had travelled 1,526km (971 miles). He is currently in Hungary just south of a small village called Narai and close to the border with Austria.

Larry still in Lancashire

16 Jun 2016

Since arriving here on 4 May, Larry has remained in the area just north of Stocks Reservoir, very close to the location at which he was tagged on 3 June 2015.

Larry returns to Lancashire

06 May 2016

Larry only stayed in Norfolk for a very brief visit before setting off again and by the early hours of the 4th May, Larry was back in the Forest of Bowland. He left there on the 26th June last year so we expect him to stay in this area for the next six to eight weeks. 

Larry in Norfolk

03 May 2016

Larry arrived back in England during the evening of 2 May, when a signal received from his tag placed him in the dunes at Burnham Overy Staithe. Only time will tell how long he stays here as he will be keen to get back to the Forest of Bowland, Lancashire, and begin the task of finding and chasing female Cuckoos.

Larry in Europe

18 Apr 2016

It looks like Larry began his desert crossing on 10 April from Nigeria, crossing the Sahara at its widest point, around 2,600km (1,600 miles). A poor location received during the morning of 15 April put him in the Grand Erg Oriental Desert in northern Algeria. Several good quality locations received during the evening of 17 April showed that he had made it across the desert and was on Sardinia, northeast of Paulilatino.


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