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Updates from our Cuckoos

Read the latest updates from our Cuckoos on their migration.

Larry in Ivory Coast

27 Mar 2017
After a few days rest, Larry has continued on his journey west. locations received from his tag on 26 March show that he has crossed into Ivory Coast. He is currently in an area of forest west of the Komoe River.

Larry going for it

20 Mar 2017
Larry really isn't hanging around. In the last ten days he has travelled 1,257 km (780 miles) from eastern Nigeria to Ghana. He is currently in western Ghana on the southern edge of the Amama Shelterbelt Forest Reserve. It will be interesting to see how long he stays here as he will now have to rest, feed-up and store fat to fuel his journey north across the Sahara.

Larry moves further west

14 Mar 2017
Larry didn't hang around in Cameroon, a series of locations received from his tag on 10 March showed that he had crossed the border into Nigeria. By the 12 March he had travelled a further 610km (379 miles) and was close to Nigeria's western border. He is currently in the south-eastern corner of Old Oyo National Park.

Larry moving west

06 Mar 2017
Larry has begun his journey back to the UK and is currently in Cameroon, just west of the town of Abong Mbang on the northern bank of the Nyong River.

Larry moves north and east

17 Jan 2017
Larry has left his mid-winter location in Angola and has moved north and west into DRC and the Congo rainforest. He will probably stay here for a month or so, feeding up to fuel his move into West Africa sometime in February.

Larry and Bill in the same area

06 Dec 2016
Of the four Cuckoos in Angola, Larry and Bill are now only a few miles apart, after small southwards movement from Bill throughout November. 

Larry heads towards the coast of Angola

09 Nov 2016
By the 14 October Larry was in the south of the Democratic Republic of Congo, close to the border with Angola. A week later and he had crossed over the border and was in Angola itself, north of Cuale. The next good signal we received was 333km (207 miles) to the west, and slightly north, which shows Larry heading in the direction of the Angolan coastline.  He is currently about 42km (26 miles) inland from N'zeto. 

Larry leading the way

04 Oct 2016
A location received on 26 September showed Larry close to the border of Chad and Central African Republic, but by the evening of 28 September he had cross CAR and was in Congo, just north of the Equator. Three locations received during the early morning on 1 October showed that he had crossed the Equator. He is currently in forest close to Ekoungounou. His mid-winter location in 2015 was in northern Angola, a further 750km (465 miles) south of where he is at present.

Larry still settled

19 Sep 2016
Larry is still in his southern Chad stopover site.

No movement from Larry

06 Sep 2016
Larry is still settled in the forest in southern Chad, and could be for at least another month or so. It is currently warm, 27 degrees, and wet with a humidity of 75%, perfect for the invertebrates that Larry will be seeking out.


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