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Updates from our Cuckoos

Read the latest updates from our Cuckoos on their migration.

Gowk's last signal

19 Sep 2014
The last good signal from Gowk's tag was on 14 July. Since then we have only received a few low quality signals which showed the tag was low on charge and the temperature readings were all over the place, indcating he may have died and the tag was showing temperature changes with day and night rather than a more consistent temperature due to it being attached to a warm body. 

'Missing' Cuckoos

04 Aug 2014

This year, because there are so many Cuckoos and routes to view on the map, individual birds only show by default if there has been a signal in the last 10 days.

Currently Gowk, Gilbert, Meavy, Waller and BB have all stopped being shown by default as we haven't heard from them in this period. Don't worry, it doesn't necessarily mean anything bad has happened. There are often periods where the Cuckoos are in dense undergrowth, where the tags don't receive enough light to charge or send signals to the satellites, often just before and after big movements.

You can still view these Cuckoos on the map by ticking the box underneath their pictures. Once we receive a signal, they will automatically reappear on the main map. 

Gowk leaves the UK!

14 Jul 2014

Gowk has left East Anglia, transmitting from northern Spain on 12 July.  He is already further south than many of the Cuckoos who have chosen the Italian route and his deaprture means that only Derek remains in the UK.  

Tour de France yet to start

07 Jul 2014

While we have three Cuckoos currently touring in France (Walpole, Emsworthy and 134955) there are now just two tagged birds which remain in the UK; Derek and Gowk. While the actual Tour De France will have departed the country soon, it could be a while before we see these Cuckoos move on. Last year Derek didn't leave the UK until 17 July but the latest departure we have seen since the beginning of the project was Scottish Cuckoo Patch, who left on 26 July last year. 

Your chance to name a Cuckoo

27 Jun 2014

With three un-named birds left we are letting you choose what to name one of our Sherwood Cuckoos!  Anyone who sponsors a Cuckoo before the end of June will be entered in to a draw. We’ll then pick one entry at random and will contact the winner who can then suggest a suitable name*. Find out how you could name a Cuckoo

East Anglian birds yet to move

20 Jun 2014

Our East Anglian Cuckoos have yet to budge, with all seven birds remaining in the UK. In previous years Chris has left between 11-21 June, while last year Skinner left on 30 June and Derek on 17 July. It may be a while before we see any movement from these two birds but keep an eye on Chris over the weekend.  

With a flurry of Cuckoos leaving the UK, Ash looks to be the only tagged Cuckoo remaining in the most southern of our tagging locations. 

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