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Updates from our Cuckoos

Read the latest updates from our Cuckoos on their migration.

Valentine joins the race

25 Jun 2019

One of two birds tagged on the BTO reserve in early June, Valentine has also set off on his southward migration. By the early evening of 23 June, Valentine was northeast of Canterbury. A couple of further poor quality transmissions indicate he carried on and embarked on crossing the English channel, just south of Folkestone, but we will have to wait for the next cycle of transmissions later today to reveal how far south he has travelled. He is the 7th of our tagged Cuckoos to start their migration. 

Thomas is off

25 Jun 2019

We didn’t have to wait long to find out as, by the 20 June, Thetford Cuckoo Thomas was on his way south! Late that evening he was flying over the English Channel, at least 110 Km (65 miles) from his tagging location. The next set of transmissions on 22 June, show he had journeyed another 695km (430 miles) and was located north of Auvergne in the Livradois-Forez Regional Nature Park. Not yet finished he appears to have continued southwards and by the 23 June he was close to Ales.  All-in-all he had taken a huge trip of 950km (590 miles) since the evening of the 20 June.

Nussey in northern France

25 Jun 2019

Nussey, tagged at the end of May, was the first of the 2019 Cuckoos to leave the country, transmitting from northern France on 11 June. He has spent the last two weeks in the area of Brionne, 55km (35 miles) southeast of the port of La Havre.

Tennyson in central France

25 Jun 2019

The first male to be tagged this year, in mid-may, Tennyson was happily transmitting from the Mundford area, not far from his tagging site at Cranwich Heath until the 18 June. However, signals received on the evening of the 24 June show that he had begun his journey, travelling  765km (475 miles) to reach central France. He is currently 30km (19 miles) to the west of Limoges, north of the commune of  Oradour-sur-Vayres and within the area of the Périgord-Limousin Regional Nature Park.

Senan yet to leave

25 Jun 2019

One of two birds tagged on the BTO reserve in early June, Senan has yet to move far from his breeding site.

Raymond continues on to Spain

25 Jun 2019

Blazing into the lead at this early stage of the journey is the third Knepp Cuckoo, Raymond. From the island Île d'Oléron, south west of La Rochelle, Raymond continued down the coast. Signals received on the morning of 22 June revealed that he had covered a further 525km (325 miles) and was close to Sigüenza, a city in Guadalajara, central Spain. 

Raymond has gone

21 Jun 2019

We thought that Raymond could leave the UK any day now and he has. A series of locations received from his tag during the evening of 20 June showed that he was on the west coast of France, just to the north of Bordeaux. From the information received he seems to have spent around three hours on the Ile de Oleron before continuing south over the Atlantic parallel with the coast.

The last location we received, at around 10:30 on the evening of 20 June, showed that he was still heading south 24km (15 miles) offshore of the French coast. It will be interesting to see where he next makes landfall. He is already 654km (406 miles) from the Knepp Estate, Sussex.

Lambert in France

21 Jun 2019
Lambert has successfully crossed the English Channel. He appears to have crossed almost due south of his Sussex breeding area and flown over 125km (77 miles) of open water. He is currently 117km (72 miles) south of the Normandy coast and in farmland to the west of Verneuil-sur-Avre. 

Thomas still in Thetford Forest

19 Jun 2019
Thomas has been pretty faithful to the area of Thetford Forest just to the west of Mundford. He is currently in a forest block just on the southern edge of the village. In 2018 he left the UK on 14 June - when will he leave this year?

Robinson in Sherwood Forest

19 Jun 2019
Robinson hasn't moved far from Sherwood Forest since he arrived back this spring. He is currently in forest just to the north of Edwinstowe. In 2018 he left Sherwood Forest and the UK on 20 June - he could be on his way any day now.


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