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Updates from our Cuckoos

Read the latest updates from our Cuckoos on their migration.

JAC visits Benin

08 Aug 2022
After a brief visit to eastern Burkina Faso, JAC has hopped over the border into Benin. He is now in the W National Park in the far north of Benin, close to the Mekrou River which separates Benin from Burkina Faso. 

Saying goodbye to JD

08 Aug 2022
In our previous update, we shared with you that strong winds had carried JD 300 miles (482 km) out to sea, from the coast of Western Sahara towards the Cape Verde archipelago. Against all the odds, he made it back to the African mainland, raising hopes that this Norfolk bird's watery detour had not put an end to his journey to the Congo basin. Sadly, however, it appears that JD has perished as no further updates have been received since the last signal from his tag on 24 July, shortly after he made landfall close to the port of Nouadhibou, Mauritania’s second city. Having lost sight of land while out at sea, JD had returned the way he came. Without a ‘mental map’ to follow, he couldn’t have known that flying due East would have meant a considerably shorter journey and perhaps a better chance of survival. As it is, JD’s energy reserves appear to have been exhausted, sadly leaving him unable to find food or, perhaps, at greater risk of predation. No matter how long we are able to follow each Cuckoo, the data they provide contributes to our growing understanding of these remarkable birds and how we can work to protect them – JD and his adventures are no exception.

Daniel is crossing the Sahara

08 Aug 2022
Over the last few days Daniel has made his next big move south, leaving southern Europe and entering Africa. Last year Daniel remained in northern Italy until 12 August when he crossed the Sahara to arrive in eastern Mali where he remained until 29 August when he moved east into southern Niger. This year his journey took him from southern France to southern Sardinia where he spent some time in the Campanasissa Cadelano Forestry. He then proceeded south over the Sahara and by yesterday morning (7 August) had reached south eastern Niger. New updates received this morning show that he hasn't moved far overnight and he is some 320km north east of Lake Chad. Given that there seems to be little of use to a Cuckoo in this area we will be anxiously awaiting further updates from Daniel's tag. 

Victor II crosses the Sahara again

08 Aug 2022
Over the last few days Victor II has finally left the Austrian Alps and flown into Africa. By Thursday morning (4 August) he was passing over central Italy and by Saturday evening he was flying over the Libyan Sahara. He has since flown south west into Niger and by yesterday evening (7 August) he had reached southern Niger. Over the last few days he has flown approximately 3,663km (2,276 miles) and he is now approximately 130km east of the town of Dakoro. Last year Victor II arrived in southern Niger on 30 July and remained here until the end of August when he moved further south within the country. He then remained here until moving to Cameroon in mid October. He is currently close to the area he stopped off in last year so hopefully he will find some good places to rest and recover from his arduous desert crossing.  

Farewell to Charles

28 Jul 2022
Sadly it is time to say goodbye to Sussex Cuckoo Charles. We followed Charles over 4,000km (2,485 miles) from his breeding grounds on the Knepp Estate south through France and Spain and into Africa. He seemed to be making such good progress but unfortunately was beaten by the Sahara. As he approached the border between Algeria and Mali he veered off course, drifting south west across the desert. Had he been able to keep going south he would've reached the River Niger within 370 miles where he would have found good feeding opportunities. Instead he travelled 410 miles and perished, still in the desert on the border between Mali and Mauritania. He is gone but not forgotten and the data he provided us with will contribute to our growing knowledge of Cuckoos and the pressures they face.

Bluey moves east into Mali

28 Jul 2022
Having spent the last few weeks in south eastern Senegal, Bluey has flown 167km (104 miles) south east over the border into south western Mali. He is now 33km (20 miles) south of the rural town of Kenieba in the Kayes region of SW Mali.  

Daniel moves back in southern France

28 Jul 2022
Having reached northern Italy, Daniel has flown 128km (80 miles) north west back into southern France. He is now on the lower slopes of Mont Brequin in the Vanoise Massif mountain range of the Western Alps. Daniel made his move to Africa on 12 August last year so he may linger in France/Italy a couple more weeks yet. 

Calypso still in northern Italy

28 Jul 2022
Calypso has flown 25km (16 miles) north east and is now close to the town of Borgomanero in the Piedmont region. 

Grove II moves east to Burkina Faso

28 Jul 2022
Having spent the last couple of weeks in Mali, Grove II has set off on his journey east across Africa to the Congo Basin. Updates received last night showed that he was moving through southern Mali towards the eastern border and the latest update which arrived at around 4am this morning showed that he was approaching the Tui Forest in south west Burkina Faso.  

Joe moves towards CAR

28 Jul 2022
Joe is still in the far south of Chad and has moved further east. He is now approximately 30km from the border with Central African Republic and 40km east of the Chad city of Sarh.  


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