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Updates from our Cuckoos

Read the latest updates from our Cuckoos on their migration.

PJ going for it

08 Mar 2019

On Tuesday this week, PJ was still in Cameroon but he has since flown 2,085 Km (1,295 miles) west to Ivory Coast. He stopped briefly in Benin en-route. He is now 180 Km (111 miles) north west of the capital Yamoussoukro. We expect this to be PJ's last stop before he crosses the Sahara. In 2017 he left Ivory Coast to cross the Sahara on 8th April and in 2018 he departed on the 6th April.

PJ is heading west

06 Mar 2019

Having spent the last month in Cameroon PJ is now on his way west.  A couple of poor locations around breakfast on 5 March showed he was on the move and in western Cameroon. By mid-morning he was in central Nigeria and by the early evening had crossed the border into Benin, completing a journey of 897km (557 miles) in 12 hours. This puts his average speed for this journey at 46mph. He is currently in an area of open forest in southern, central Benin. His map will update automatically overnight to show his new position in Benin.

PJ still in Cameroon

25 Feb 2019

PJ has been in Cameroon for almost a month now. In 2017 he left Cameroon on 22 February and on the 23rd in 2018. We expect PJ to head into West Africa any day now.

PJ still south of Lake Mbakou

14 Feb 2019

PJ is still in the gallery forest to the south of Lake Mbakou but in the last couple of days he has moved a short distance to the west. It will be interesting to see when we next hear from his tag if this was the start of his journey into West Africa.

PJ continues north

07 Feb 2019
Around breakfast on 7 February, PJ's tag showed that he was in Cameroon. He is now over 1,500km (950 miles) from his winter location in Angola. He is currently in a area of wooded valleys on the northern edge of the Mbam et Djerem National Park, and to the south of Lake Mbakou.

PJ on his way back

29 Jan 2019

During the last few days we have received locations from PJ’s tag that show he is on his way back. He is now 754km (468 miles) north and east of his winter location in Angola and on the northern edge of the Teke Plateau.

PJ heads west

18 Jan 2019
PJ has left the Coutada do Ambriz reserve and headed west towards the Angolan coast. Having flown 32km (20 miles), he is now only 5km (3 miles) from the coast and just to the southeast of the coastal town of Ambriz

No move from PJ

03 Jan 2019
PJ is still settled pretty much in the middle of the Coutada do Ambriz Reserve in northwest Angola. He has been here for a couple of weeks now and, although we are receiving lots of information from his tag the furthest he has moved during this time is around 500 metres.

PJ moves further south

20 Dec 2018
PJ has moved a little further south and is now pretty much in the middle of the Coutada do Ambriz Reserve in fairly open forest. It is currently 24 degrees and he is on the southern edge of a large thunderstorm.

PJ moves south

11 Dec 2018
During the last week PJ has moved a little further south in Angola. He is currently on the northern edge of the Coutada do Ambriz Reserve, and further south than any of our other tagged cuckoos. As the crow flies he is almost 7,000km (just over 4,000 miles) from his East Anglian breeding site. This is the third time since he was fitted with his tag that he has wintered in Angola. 


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