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Updates from our Cuckoos

Read the latest updates from our Cuckoos on their migration.

A glimpse of PJ

09 May 2018

Our very own Paul Stancliffe, Media Manager, got a great view of PJ this morning! He's not far from our Headquarters and Paul had been out to see if could locate him in preparation for some press coverage on the project. He said: 'I found him. It was the only Cuckoo I heard and saw and he flew straight towards me, before spotting me and turning away, showing his antenna as he did!'

PJ second Cuckoo to arrive home

17 Apr 2018
Just a matter of days after our first Cuckoo returned to the UK, PJ has also made the leap from France and was back in his breeding grounds in King’s Forest, Suffolk area by the morning of the 17 April.  He is earlier than in 2017 when he arrived back on 27 April. 

Will PJ or Selborne be back first?

12 Apr 2018
With both PJ and Selborne in France, the bets are on as to which will be the first back to the UK. While Selborne was the first to arrive in Europe, PJ has now leap-frogged his last location and is further north and closer to home. The weather looks set to take a turn for the better this weekend so perhaps they will time their arrivals to coincide with the arrival of spring!  

PJ leading the pack

09 Apr 2018
Around mid-morning on 8 April we received a couple of locations that showed PJ was in France, 1,863km (1,150 miles) north of his last location in Morocco. His last location in Morocco was at 23.21 on Friday 6 April. He is currently just north of Redon, 553km (343 miles) from Kings Forest, Suffolk where he was tagged in June 2016. It will be interesting to see how long he needs to recover before heading back to his tagging site.

PJ has crossed the desert

06 Apr 2018
Around lunctime on 6 April we received locations from PJ's tag that showed he had successfully crossed the Sahara. He is currently in Morocco just west of Meknes. It will be interesting to see how long he stays here, it could only be a few days and by early next week he may well be in Spain, resting before he completes the final leg of his journey back to the UK.

Selborne and PJ head east

13 Mar 2018

After having travelled so far west, two of our Cuckoos have turned around and gone eastwards. From the Guinea Highlands, Selborne has travelled north-eastwards 125km (80 miles) while PJ has also headed east 190km (115 miles) within Ivory Coast. This may be to do with conditions being more favourable here. 

PJ moves into West Africa

28 Feb 2018
PJ is the second of our tagged Cuckoos this year to move into West Africa!  By the evenng of 22 February he had covered a distance of 1230km (765 miles) west and was in Togo but, new signals received yesterday morning, show he has continued 960km (600 miles) further to Ivory Coast. He is in the west of Ivory Coast, 165km (just over 100 miles) east of Selborne in Guinea. This could be where he prepares for his desert crossing, as he did last year, crossing in early April.

PJ moves onto Cameroon

24 Jan 2018
New signals on the afternoon of 22 January show that PJ was continuing northwards and had made it 800km (just under 500 miles) north from Gabon to reach Cameroon. He is just north of the Mbam et Djerem National Park. 

PJ moving north

03 Jan 2018
PJ is already on the move northwards. From Angola on the 22 January, he travelled 755km (470 miles) in a north-easterly direction to get back to Gabon by the evening of 26 December. In 2016/17 his behaviour was similar, heading north from Angola to the centre of the Republic of Congo in the second week of January and moving on again north by the end of January. It's the beginning of his long journey home.

PJ in Angola

22 Nov 2017
As expected PJ has continued southwards. By 12 November he was just east of the Crystal Mountains in southern Congo and by 16 Nov he was in the Zaire region in northern Angola. Signals on 19 Nov revealed a further southerly movement of 160km (almost 100 miles) to the Coutada do Ambriz reserve. In total he has moved over 890km (590 miles) from his location on 14 November. He may still go a little further within Angola, as last year saw him venture to the Parc Nacional da Quicama, 170km (110 miles) further south. 


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