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Named by Patrick Jackson in memory of his beloved late brother Andrew Jackson, with whom he shared happy hours of botany and birding in Sherwood Forest and East Anglia.

AJ the Cuckoo
Thursday, May 27, 2021 - 21:00
Tagging Location:
Budby Common, Sherwood Forest
Age when found:
Satellite Tag No.:
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AJ's journey from 28 May 2021 to 24 July 2021

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AJ's movements

19 Jul 2021 - AJ completes his desert crossing

A couple of new updates from AJ's tag arrived just after 11am this morning (Monday 19 July) showing that he has flown 280Km (174 miles) further south. He is now in south west Mali, approximately 9km (5.5 miles) south east of the village of Didenko in the Kayes region. 

18 Jul 2021 - AJ heads for west Africa

Over the last couple of days AJ has flown 1,870 km (1,163 miles) over the Sahara from Algeria to southern Mauritania. An update received at 19:13 this evening (Sunday 18 July) showed him approximately 18.5 km (11.5 miles) south east of the Mauritanian town of Ayoun al Atrous. He has a couple of hundred kilometers to go before he completes his crossing of the desert, it looks as if he is heading for south west Mali.  

16 Jul 2021 - AJ makes it to Africa

After a flight of 840 km (522 miles) from southern France, AJ arrived in north Africa on Wednesday 14 July. At 9am on Wednesday he was 15 km south-south east of the town of Tenes in Algeria. A subsequent update received at around 6am this morning (Friday 16 July) showed him almost 600 km south so he may be attempting to cross the Sahara.

13 Jul 2021 - AJ arrives in south of France

Having departed the UK on 12 June, AJ has made steady progress south, first to Normandy, where he spent a few weeks. In the last few days he has flown 533 km (331 miles) south to his current location 32 km (20 miles) east of Mont-de-Marsan in the south of France. 

18 Jun 2021 - Introducing AJ

AJ was caught at the edge of RSPB Budby Common on the evening of 27th May. The team’s spirits were dampened a little when there was no response to the Cuckoo sound tape initially but after a while, a male and a female Cuckoo were heard approaching the nets. Soon after they checked the nets and found both birds in them! As night was approaching, they worked quickly to tag the male bird before darkness fell. As the team sat in the car under the forest canopy working under artificial light, a Tawny Owl called nearby, causing the Cuckoo to flinch markedly – a good reminder of the dangers these birds face throughout their lives. Since being tagged AJ has made the journey south across the Channel into northern France where he is approximately 80 km (50 miles) west of Paris.

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