Setting up a private project

You can request that a private BTO Acoustic Pipeline project is set up and a Project Organiser(s) assigned. This may be particularly useful where you have multiple remote fieldworkers or volunteers contributing to a project.

The appointed Project Organiser(s) can invite named users (who have first registered for a BTO account and signed up to use the Pipeline), who can then upload recordings to that project.

The Project Organiser(s) has management access to the project to see who is uploading recordings, and to see the results, as recordings are processed. To obtain a quote for setting up a private project, please email acoustic.pipeline [at]

When requesting a quote please:

  1. Provide an estimate of the likely GB (or number of nights of recording). This is used to assign an appropriate level of credit to the project, but additional credit can be purchased later.
  2. Let us know whether you want a copy of the recordings (wav files) to be stored in the cloud for later auditing, and for how long (e.g. 52 weeks).
  3. Let us know whether the recordings and results should be treated as confidential or can be shared.

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