The One Show names Cuckoo after Bill Bailey

07 Oct 2016
Bill the Cuckoo portrait

BBC's The One Show viewers watched recently as a delighted and slightly bemused Bill Bailey was presented with a framed photograph of his namesake Bill the Cuckoo live on BBC1. Named by the One Show in recognition of Bill Bailey’s love of birdwatching, Bill the Cuckoo has been fitted with a satellite tag so that scientists from the British Trust for Ornithology can follow his movements in almost real-time.

Like Bill Bailey on his successful tour, Limboland, Bill the Cuckoo has also been on an epic adventure - from his UK breeding grounds to Africa where he will spend the winter. Bill the Cuckoo recently surprised us by flying back to Spain despite having already reached Africa. Unravelling such decisions is pivotal to understanding why Cuckoos have declined so dramatically over the last 25 years. You can help by sponsoring Bill for as little as £2 a month.