BTO annual awards ceremony

31 Oct 2014
Dr Shiiwua Manu received an award for International Ornithology (Nick Caro)
Victoria Gill was awarded the Dilys Breese Medal for outstanding communication, in particular the way in which she brought the BTO Cuckoo project to a wider audience.
Francis Daunt was awarded the Marsh Award for Ornithology for his significant contribution to the understanding of Britain’s seabirds.  
The Friends of Skokholm and Skomer were recognised with the Marsh Award for Local Ornithology for their work in returning on both of the islands, and for returning Skokholm back to its former glory, and its status as a bird observatory.
The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust Conservation Breeding Team were awarded the Marsh Award for Innovative Ornithology for their work to help save the Spoon-billed Sandpiper from extinction, and the Marsh Award for International Ornithology was awarded to Dr Shiiwua Manu of the A.P.Leventis Ornithological Institute (APLORI) in Nigeria. Under Dr Manu’s guidance up to eight West African students per year enrol in a MSc programme in Conservation Biology, with the aim of building much needed biodiversity conservation capacity in this part of Africa.