Corporate support

Many companies are already making an important contribution to biodiversity by supporting the work of the BTO through our Corporate Membership Scheme or through corporate partnership.

Tawny Owl - the bird chosen to represent
our Gold corporate membership category. 

Join our corporate supporters

By working with us you could:

  • Align your company with a highly respected and trusted conservation science organisation and achieve your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.
  • Support vital research which gets to the heart of conservation issues of national and global concern and be informed of the latest research and challenges.
  • Show your company’s commitment to its environmental responsibilities through the use of the BTO Corporate Membership Logo.
  • Support specific projects relevant to your business.
  • Share your commitment and involvement with more than 50,000 known individual supporters, to a broad range of professional partners and with our growing audience following BTO work through social media.

How we work with businesses

We work with businessess in a number of ways including;

  • Undertaking monitoring of birds at business sites to inform habitat management.
  • Designing and developing mobile and online systems for monitoring wildlife.
  • Testing new equipment, like optics and outdoor clothing.
  • Providing business with the tools to be a champion for our satellite tagging projects including Cuckoos.
  • Helping business meet their aims of delivering research vital to informing conservation.

What our Members say

Original Cottages
Original Cottages

“Original Cottages are proud to support the research and conservation efforts of the BTO. As an organisation deeply committed to sustainability we are keen to protect and preserve the natural environment around us. Birdwatching is an activity close to the heart of many of our guests and team, so we are delighted to work with the BTO over the coming years.”

Anglian Water
Anglian Water logo

"Biodiversity is at the heart of the way Anglian Water does business and affiliation with the sound science coming from the BTO is a great way of demonstrating our commitment to managing our sites for birds and other wildlife." 

Chris Gerrard, Climate Change & Biodiversity Manager

CJ Wildlife


 CJ Wildlife supporting The Pod’s What’s Under Your Feet? campaign

CJ Wildlife is delighted to be supporting the BTO, once again in their collaboration with EDF Energy’s The Pod for the What’s Under Your Feet 2018/19 campaign.  This year we are offering a one huge prize bundle worth £300 at the end of the final collection period, tailored to help schools encourage more wildlife to their grounds and introduce children to the wonders of nature.

We have lots of ideas in The Den to help children to get outdoors and discover more about wildlife, and products specifically designed with children in mind, including build your own kits, id charts, bug viewers, gifts guides and books for all ages. Have a look at our website and see what you'd like for your wildlife garden and check out for wildlife fun.

Support the BTO and show your commitment to birds by becoming a BTO Corporate Member or partner.