Cuckoo Tracking Project

Help us follow Cuckoos on migration and discover why they are in decline

We’ve been satellite-tracking Cuckoos since 2011 to find out why they are in decline:

  • Since 1995, the number of Cuckoos has decreased by over 30%.
  • The Cuckoo is currently Red-listed as a Bird of Conservation Concern in the UK.
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Progress so far

We’ve learned lots of vital information, such as how the different migration routes are linked to declines, and some of the pressures Cuckoos face whilst on migration, but there is still much more to discover.

​What’s next

We now need to look more closely at how dependent Cuckoos are on, and how much their migration is linked to, the drought-busting rains of the weather frontal system known as the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) as they move out of the Congo rainforest and begin to head back to the UK via West Africa.

Our Cuckoo Tracking Project is vital and it wouldn’t be possible without the amazing support from funders and sponsors.

There are two ways you can support us and make a positive impact:

Watch the Cuckoos migrate on our map

Each Cuckoo’s tag sends us location data approximately every day, so we can follow them and learn more about their migration.

Time / skill required

  • Spend as much time as you like following each Cuckoo's migration on the map below - use the controls to animate or step through their movements.
  • No technical skills are required to support this project - just a love of Cuckoos.

Cuckoo movements from 01 May 2023 to 19 April 2024

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Current Cuckoos

Bluey. Bluey


ID: 242385
Status: active
Cuach Carran. Cuach Carran Map Pin.

Cuach Carran

ID: 242389
Status: unknown
Cuach Cores. Cores

Cuach Cores

ID: 242386
Status: active
Cuach Torc. Torc

Cuach Torc

ID: 242384
Status: active
George. George


ID: 242387
Status: active
JAC the Cuckoo JAC


ID: 213805
Status: presumed dead
Jasper. Jasper


ID: 232668
Status: unknown
Joe, Cranwich Heath, 2022. PTT 232670 Joe


ID: 232670
Status: active


ID: 242388
Status: active
Cleeve (2023 tagged Cuckoo) Michael


ID: 242426
Status: unknown
Sayaan. Sayaan


ID: 242502
Status: active
Trent Trent


ID: 242383
Status: active

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Latest updates

Trent joins the pack in Spain

18 Apr 2024

As we’d hoped, Trent continued heading northwards through Morocco and he took a relatively short overnight route across the water from Tangier to Spain, arriving just to the west of Tarifa.

Wasting little time, he headed onward and is currently in the foothills to the north of the Sierra Morena range in the Córdoba Province. He has covered approximately 330km (205 miles) since we posted yesterday.

Torc tours north

18 Apr 2024

After a few days spent in the Casablanca region, Torc swiftly covered 595km, (370 miles) flying into Spain just west of the Straits of Gibraltar.

He is now in the same area as Cuckoos Trent and KP, in the mountains to the north-west of the Andalusian city of Córdoba.

Trent heads to the Med

17 Apr 2024

Trent is continuing his journey through Morocco and having left the area near Rabat, he has moved north-east approximately 190km (118 miles) toward Tangier.

He is just over 40km (24 miles) away from the Straits of Gibraltar so all being well will make his next stop in southern Spain shortly.  

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Project timeline, contributions & findings

Project timeline

  • 5/11 - First round of five Cuckoos tagged, wintering sites in the Congo identified 
  • 3/12 - Different routes discovered on return journeys
  • 2016 - First scientific paper published on on the routes of our Cuckoos