Meet the Cuckoo class of 2021

Meet the Cuckoo class of 2021

17 Jun 2021

Attenborough the Cuckoo

We are pleased to announce that eleven new Cuckoos have been tagged as part of our Cuckoo Tracking Project.

BTO scientists have been across the UK this spring, fitting tiny satellite tags to Cuckoos in Norfolk, Worcestershire, Sherwood Forest, Denbighshire, Powys and The Trossachs.

The Cuckoos, named Grove, Columbus, Ellis, Victor II, JAC, Calypso, Clive, Attenborough and Harry (with two more still to be named) join PJ, our record-breaking Cuckoo who was tagged back in 2016, in making their way south towards the Congo over the next few weeks.

A twelfth bird was also fitted with a satellite tag but was lost to tracking ten days later.

Since 2011, we have been tracking UK Cuckoos as they migrate between the Congo basin, where they spend the winter, and the UK where they breed.

We are especially interested to see how the birds tagged in Wales and Scotland fare, particularly as numbers of Cuckoos in Scotland have increased recently compared to the declines seen in England.

Follow their journeys on our interactive map

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