BTO Medal winners

12 Dec 2017

The Jubilee Medal, awarded for ‘committed devotion to the Trust’ was given to Dr Bob Harris. Bob joined the BTO in 1976, taking part in BTO surveys as an ordinary member until he became the Merseyside Regional Representative, a position he has held for over 30 years. He served on the Regional Network Committee, four years as its chairman, and spent eight years on BTO Council, culminating in him serving on the Atlas Working Group 2007-11. As a ringer, holding an A-permit, he became an advisor for IPMR and personally runs two RAS schemes of his own, whilst contributing to a further five.

The Tucker Medal, awarded for ‘outstanding service to the Trust’ was awarded to Dr Ken Smith. Since first becoming a member in 1974, Ken has served on the Scientific Advisory Committee and on Ringing Committee, twice, 1985- 1989 as an appointed member and 2011-2016 as Chair, making a huge contribution to both. Ken is also a leading expert on woodpeckers and the largest contributor to the Nest Records Scheme for Great and Lesser Spotted Woodpecker.