BTO Conference 2021: Member's AGM

BTO survey volunteers, David Tipling
Jenny Gill & Andrew Scott
Saturday, December 4, 2021 - 15:00
Places available

BTO AGM and Medal Presentations 2021, open to all BTO members. Featuring a review of the BTO year by Chair of the BTO Board, Professor Jenny Gill.

As the AGM is closed to the public, BTO members will be emailed with instructions on how to register for the AGM.

BTO's 82nd AGM for your chance as a BTO member to hear how your charity is faring and to have your say by voting on relevant motions. This year’s Jubilee and Tucker Medal winners will also be announced during the meeting.

You will be able to vote online during the AGM using Zoom polling. If there is more than one member in your household, each member will need to register independently and have use of a separate device in order to vote during the AGM.

Questions can be submitted while the AGM is in progress through the Zoom Q&A function. However, you can also submit questions in advance by email to agm [at]

If you cannot attend the meeting, you can submit proxy votes online or by post - details on how to do this will be included in the email members will receive. All proxy votes must be received by 9am Friday 3 December 2021.

Any questions please contact your membership [at] (Supporter Team) or phone 01842 750050, Monday to Friday. 

BTO members will be emailed with instructions on how to register for the AGM - if you are a BTO member and haven't received the email, please contact the Supporter Team.