BTO Conference: Session 3 - Identifying Decline

Puffin. Sarah Kelman
Yolo birder, Sarah Harris and Annette Fayet
Wednesday, December 2, 2020 -
10:00 to 11:45
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Session 3 of the BTO Conference includes talks on Red Sixty Seven by Yolo birder/Kit Jewitt, Sarah Harris talking about Arctic Skuas and Annette Fayet talking about her research tracking the migration and foraging movements of Atlantic puffins.

10:00 Chasing Skuas - Sarah Harris
The Arctic Skua is thought to be the most rapidly declining seabird species in the UK.  In this talk, BTO’s Sarah Harris will present the fascinating findings of a recent GPS-tracking project.

10:30 Red Sixty Seven: Art and Words for Britain’s Most Vulnerable Birds - Yolo birder/Kit Jewitt 
Red Sixty Seven received a rapturous welcome when it was published earlier this year. The book contains 67 artworks and texts by leading artists, writers and celebrities, aimed at highlighting the plight of birds on the Red List of Conservation Concern. Kit Jewitt will explain what inspired him to start this project and what it has achieved. 

11:00 Can tracking Atlantic puffins at sea help us understand why they’re declining? Annette Fayet, Department of Zoology, University of Oxford
Annette Fayet will present some of her research tracking the migration and foraging movements of Atlantic puffins in Wales and throughout the North Atlantic, which has revealed new information about their ecology but also provides novel insights into the potential drivers of their population declines.

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