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BTO Blueline
Luscinia megarhynchos

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Conservation listings
Europe: no SPEC category (concentrated in Europe, conservation status favourable)
UK: amber (25–50% distribution decline)
Long-term trend
UK: probable decline
UK population size
6,700 (5,600–9,350) males in 1999 (Wilson et al. 2002: BiE04, APEP06)
Status summary
In 1999, the BTO organised a national survey of Nightingales, which showed a marked range contraction since the previous survey in 1980, but only an 8% overall population decline (Wilson et al. 2002; for more details click here). Nightingales are scarce birds, and CBC and BBS data are correspondingly meagre. Nevertheless, analysis of the available CBC data shows continuous decline (G.M. Siriwardena, unpubl.) and CES suggests a probable decline. Fuller et al. (2005) suggest the likely causes of Nightingale decline relate to pressures on migration and in winter, perhaps compounded by habitat loss in Britain. The increasing intensity of browsing by deer is known to reduce habitat quality for this species (Gill & Fuller 2007). CES indicates a sharp decline in productivity during the 1980s, perhaps because Nightingale nesting success may be adversely affected by cold and wet springs. Nightingale is one of the most strongly declining bird species in Europe, having decreased at an annual rate of 4% during 1980–2005 ; this overall figure masks a contrast between severe decreases in southern and western Europe and strong increases in the east of the range (PECBMS 2007, 2009).

1984-2007: -45% (confidence interval -85% to 103%)

Population changes in detail
More on demographic trends
Additional information

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