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BTO Blueline
Pica pica
Magpie © Tommy Holden

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Conservation listings
Europe: no SPEC category (favourable conservation status in Europe, not concentrated in Europe)
UK: green
Long-term trend
UK, England: rapid increase
UK population size
650,000 territories in 2000 (1988–91 Atlas estimate updated using CBC/BBS trend: BiE04, APEP06)
Status summary
The remarkable adaptability of Magpies has enabled them to colonise many new urban and suburban localities since the 1960s. Magpies increased steadily until the late 1980s, when abundance stabilised (Gregory & Marchant 1996). Minor decrease has been recorded in the UK during the last five years. Since 1990, the widespread adoption of the Larsen trap for predator control has been responsible for a large increase in Magpie numbers killed on shooting estates (GWCT figures), and possibly it is this that has now driven the population back into decline. Recent stability or decline is also associated, however, with parallel trends in fledglings per breeding attempt. A strong trend towards earlier laying has also been identified and may be partly explained by recent climate change (Crick & Sparks 1999).
CBC/BBS UK graph

1967-2007: 101% (confidence interval 67% to 154%)

Population changes in detail

 Demographic trends

Fledglings per breeding attempt graph
Laying date graph
More on demographic trends
Additional information

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