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Corvus cornix
 Hooded Crow © Graham Austin
Conservation listings
Europe (C. corone/cornix): no SPEC category (favourable conservation status in Europe, not concentrated in Europe)
UK (C. corone/cornix): green
Long-term trend
UK: uncertain
Distribution maps
Maps and statistics from British and Irish
atlases can be viewed here.
Status summary
The BOU Records Committee took the decision in 2002 to treat Hooded Crow and Carrion Crow as separate species. This split is not yet recognised in conservation listings. In the UK, Hooded Crows occur in Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, and in Scotland, mainly west and north of the Great Glen. Retrospective analysis of BBS trends is simple because observers record Hooded Crows (coded HC) separately from Carrion Crows (C.) and from intermediates (HB). Intermediate forms between Carrion and Hooded Crows, which predominate in a band across western Scotland, and occur less frequently elsewhere in the UK, are not included in either BBS index. Initial results from BBS suggest that some decrease in Hooded Crows may have occurred in Scotland, raising a BTO alert, but countered by increase in Northern Ireland. Hooded Crows have increased markedly in Ireland since 1924 (Hutchinson 1989).
Table of population changes for Hooded Crow
Source Period
Years Plots
Alert Comment
BBS UK 9 1994-2003 111 -4 -23 21    
BBS Scotland 9 1994-2003 50 -36 -53 -13 (>25)  
BBS N.Ireland 9 1994-2003 56 139 64 248    
BBS acknowledgement
BBS Scotland graph
BBS N Ireland graph
Productivity information is not currently available for this species
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This report should be cited as:
Baillie, S.R., Marchant, J.H., Crick, H.Q.P., Noble, D.G., Balmer, D.E., Beaven, L.P., Coombes, R.H.,
Downie, I.S., Freeman, S.N., Joys, A.C., Leech, D.I., Raven, M.J., Robinson, R.A. and Thewlis, R.M. (2005)
Breeding Birds in the Wider Countryside: their conservation status 2004.
BTO Research Report No. 385. BTO, Thetford. (http://www.bto.org/birdtrends)

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