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PEREGRINE FALCON Falco peregrinus
Conservation Listings Long term trend

Table 4/Amber (European status)
Biodiversity Steering Group
Conservation Concern List

UK: Increase
North-west Scotland: Decline

Status Summary
Although Peregrine has an unfavourable conservation status in Europe, its population size and distribution in the UK have largely recovered from the detrimental effects of organocholorine pesticides in the 1950s and 1960s; however, populations have declined recently in north-west Scotland and the Northern Isles (Crick & Ratcliffe 1995). The breeding performance of this species appears to have fully recovered but declined in the latter areas. Nest record information, for the UK as a whole, shows a significant decline in clutch size. The change of -0.58 eggs (below) is calculated over the full 30-year time-period, when only small samples are available for the first 10 years. So a better estimate would be to suggest a clutch size decline of 0.4 eggs over the 20-year period from 1978-98. Population size of breeding pairs has been censused every 10 years by BTO/JNCC/RSPB/Raptor Study Groups since 1961. Surveys: 1961: 385 pairs; 1971: 489 pairs; 1981: 728 pairs; 1991: 1283 pairs (Ratcliffe 1996).
Population changes are not monitored for this species
Table of productivity information for Peregrine Falcon
Variable Period
Years Mean
Trend Predicted
in first year
in last year
Change Comment
Clutch size 30 1968-1998 16 Linear decline 3.69 eggs 3.11 eggs -0.58 eggs Small sample
Brood size 30 1968-1998 39 None        
Daily failure rate (eggs) 30 1968-1998 20 None       Small sample
Daily failure rate (chicks) 30 1968-1998 21 None       Small sample


Insufficient data on laying date
available for this species



Insufficient data on CES
available for this species



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