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Six monitoring schemes have contributed data to this report. Five provide data on changes in abundance: Common Birds Census; Waterways Bird Survey; Breeding Bird Survey; Heronries Census; and Constant Effort Sites ringing scheme. Two schemes provide data on changes in productivity: Nest Record Scheme and Constant Effort Sites. In addition, information from detailed analyses of the recoveries of birds from the Ringing Scheme is included where relevant. The methodologies of the monitoring schemes are described below, including information on fieldwork, data preparation, sampling considerations and statistical methods used to analyse the data. Species are listed in taxonomic (Voous) order.

2.1 Common Birds Census
2.2 Waterways Bird Survey
2.3 Breeding Bird Survey
2.4 Heronries Census
2.5 Constant Effort Sites Scheme
2.6 Nest Record Scheme
2.7 The Alert System



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