Peadar O'Connell

Research Officer

Peadar is a Research Officer for BTO Scotland, planning, coordinating and undertaking fieldwork right across Scotland and occasionally other parts of the UK to inform BTO’s scientific work on a variety of species and habitats.

Interests & Responsibilities

Since starting in this role in January 2019, Peadar has been involved in a number of projects for the BTO to date involving waders and river birds. Prior to joining BTO Scotland, Peadar worked in conservation policy and management, reserve management and direct species conservation for both the NGO sectors in Scotland and Ireland and for Nature Scot. He has a broad interest in species conservation and monitoring as well as landscape management for conservation purposes.

Peadar’s responsibilities within the BTO Scotland team largely involve the planning, undertaking and coordinating fieldwork to ensure successful completion of field based projects. He is also responsible for reporting on the outputs of these projects. 


MSc. Ecosystem Conservation and Landscape Management, University of Cork; National University of Ireland, Galway; Utrecht University and the University of Helsinki (2006-2007)
BSc. (Hons) Zoology, National University of Ireland, Galway (200-2004)

Recent BTO Publications

Booth Jones, K., O’Connell, P., Calladine, J., Noble, D., Wolsey, S., Carrington-Cotton A. & Wernham, C. 2021. Northern Ireland Lowland Breeding Wader Survey. Research Report no. 731. BTO Research Report 731 ISBN: 978–1–912642–21–2

Other Publications

Cleasby, I., Owen, E., Wilson, L., Wakefield, E., O’Connell, P. and Bolton, M. (2019) Identifying important at-sea areas for seabirds using species distribution models and hotspot mapping. Biological Conservation, 241: Article 108375.

Cummins, S., O'Connell, P. & Mee, A. (2012) Chapter 8: Upland Heath and Blanket Bog, in Bird Habitats in Ireland (ed. Nairn, R. & O'Halloran, J.). Collins Press, Ireland.

BirdWatch Ireland (2010) BirdWatch Ireland’s Group Action Plans for Irish Birds.

O'Connell, P., Cogan, R. & Dunne, J. (2007) The diet of the Barn Owl Tyto alba at two sites in County Galway. Irish Birds 8: 91-96.