Katherine Booth Jones

Senior Research Ecologist

Katherine works closely with NIEA/DAERA, other Government departments, NGOs and other stakeholders in environmental evidence to identify priority areas of need and to guide the collection of new data and analysis of current data sets. She is responsible for developing the scientific foundation of bird data used in Northern Ireland for conservation and sustainable land management policy development, planning and implementation.

Interests & Responsibilities

Katherine was introduced to the world of ringing and studying seabirds as an undergraduate at Cardiff University when she volunteered as an assistant warden on the uninhabited nature reserve of Round Island, Mauritius for 8 months. She enthusiastically studied the spatial and molecular ecology of Round Island’s population of Gadfly petrels for her PhD. Having completed her PhD in 2016, Katherine decided to focus her attention on the bird life of islands closer to home, with the aim of contributing to the world-leading data that BTO collects on the UK's most beloved wildlife.

As part of her role as the Science Officer for Northern Ireland, Katherine manages the Northern Ireland Seabird network, a dedicated team of volunteers who collect vital seabird records for the region. In addition, much of her work involves collaboration with the Northern Ireland Environmental Agency, advising on data collection and analysis for a range of bird species. Katherine also runs BTO Northern Ireland’s twitter feed: @BTO_NIreland.

Other Information

Trainee bird ringer since 2011
Member of the Seabird Group
Member of the Copeland Bird Observatory


BSc Zoology (4-year placement), 1st Class Honours, Cardiff University 2007-2011
PhD “Distribution and gene-flow in a hybridising population of Pterodroma petrels”, Institute of Zoology/University College London, 2012-2016

Recent BTO Publications

Booth Jones, K. 2022. Northern Ireland Seabird Report 2021. British Trust for Ornithology, Thetford, Norfolk ISBN: 978-1-912642-36-6 88pp
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2018. Northern Ireland Seabird Report 2017. ISBN: 978-1-908581-89-1 77pp

Other Publications

Booth Jones, K.A., Nicoll, M.A., Raisin, C., Dawson, D.A., Hipperson, H., Horsburgh, G.J., Groombridge, J.J., Ismar, S.M., Sweet, P., Jones, C.G. and Tatayah, V., 2017. Widespread gene flow between oceans in a pelagic seabird species complex. Molecular Ecology.

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