Jez Blackburn

Jez Blackburn


Licensing and Sales Manager 


I work in the Licensing section of the Avian Demography Team dealing with the licensing of bird ringers, and I supervise the sales and administration of rings and ringing equipment.   


BSc (Hons) Geography and Geology, Gloucester University, 1991-1994
Open University Ecology level 1, 1996
‘A’ Permit bird ringer and trainer, 1990

Research Interests/Responsibilities

Licensing of bird ringers with ringing permits, Cannon Netting, using special methods, monitoring rare breeding birds and maintaining a database of all their details. Organising ringing courses and meeting ringers in the field and at conferences. Responsible for and oversee the administration and sales of rings and ringing equipment. 

Other Information

Involved with bird ringing for 40 years. Interested in seabirds, gulls, wildfowl, mist netting passerines & waders, Barn Owl project, Heronries, Cormorants & Little Egrets, Swallow roost project, CE site ringing and general ringing for training purposes. I am leader of Sule Skerry Seabird Group and I am currently a Cannon Net licence holder. I also lead ringing expeditions to the Gambia/Kartong BO.

Selected Publications

Ewan D. Wakefield, Thomas W. Bodey, Stuart Bearhop, Jez Blackburn, Kendrew Colhoun, Rachel Davies, Ross G. Dwyer, Jonathan A. Green, David Grémillet,Andrew L. Jackson, Mark J. Jessopp, Adam Kane, Rowena H. W. Langston, Amélie Lescroël, Stuart Murray, Mélanie Le Nuz, Samantha C. Patrick, Clara Péron, Louise M. Soanes, Sarah Wanless, Stephen C. Votier, Keith C. Hamer, 2013. Space Partitioning Without Territoriality in Gannets, SCIENCE Vol 341: 68-70

Newson, S.E., Mitchell, P.I, Parsons, M. O'Brien, S.H., Austin, G.E., Black, J., Blackburn, J.R., Brodie, B., Humphreys, E., Leech, D., Prior, M. & Webster, M. 2008. Population decline of Leach's Storm -petrel Oceanodroma leucorhoa within the largest colony in Britain and Ireland. Seabird 21: 77-84.

Ringing group reports and short articles in newsletters.

Blackburn, J.R. 2007.  A Summary of British Trust for Ornithology’s (BTO) colour marking co-ordination and procedures. Aves 44: 130-134.

Blackburn, J.R., Budworth, D. & Blackburn, A.C. 2007. The Breeding birds of Sule Skerry and Stack Skerry. British Birds 100: 300-304.

Clark, J. et al. (Ringing reports from 1998 – 2012) Bird Ringing in Britain and Ireland in xxx. Ringing & Migration.


Email:jez.blackburn [at]
Telephone:01842 750050
Fax:01842 750030
Postal address:
British Trust for Ornithology, The Nunnery, Thetford, IP24 2PU, UK.