Gary Clewley


Gary Clewly, Research Ecologist

Senior Ecologist


My role is to manage and deliver a variety of projects, primarily through BTO's international commercial division, Combined Ecology, which works to provide novel evidence-based solutions to applied problems.


2015 - PhD Ecology, Imperial College London - ‘Post-release assessment of Aphalara itadori (Hemiptera: Psyllidae) as a classical biological control agent of Fallopia japonica (Polygonaceae)’

2010 - MRes Entomology, Imperial College London

2009 - BSc Zoology, University of Reading

Research Interests/Responsibilities

I have an interest in evaluating management decisions and am responsibe for providing evidence and advice for a range of applied areas, particularly where there is potential for conflict between people and wildlife. These areas include renewable energy development, birds in urban areas, non-native species and predator control.  Often I am involved in using technology to collect data, such as the use of bird-borne logging devices and have undertaken tracking studies on a range of species and also help develop nove devices which can answer new questions.

Other Information

I am a licensed bird ringer (A permit) and active nest recorder.

Selected Publications

  • Clewley, G.D., Plummer, K.E., Robinson, R.A., Simm, C.H. & Toms, M.P. 2015. The effect of artificial lighting on the arrival time of birds using garden feeding stations in winter: A missed opportunity? Urban Ecosystems.

  • Clewley, G. D., & Wright, D. J. 2014. Winter hosts of Aphalara itadori (Hemiptera: Psyllidae), a classical biological control agent of Fallopia japonica (Polygonaceae), in the UK. Biocontrol Science and Technology24, 1197-1201.

  • Clewley, G. D., Eschen, R., Shaw, R. H., & Wright, D. J. 2012. The effectiveness of classical biological control of invasive plants. Journal of Applied Ecology49, 1287-1295.

Contact Details

Email: gary.clewley [at]

Telephone: 01842 750050

Fax: 01842 750030

Postal address: British Trust for Ornithology, The Nunnery, Thetford, IP24 2PU, UK.