Anne Cotton

Data and Administration Officer

Anne's role involves office administration (including vehicles and computers), conference organization and booking, training course booking plus volunteer engagement and training.

Interests & Responsibilities

Anne has been interested in birds since childhood and it has developed into a passion over the years. Anne spent 30 years in Africa in Zimbabwe where she was active in the local Ornithological society and also did bird identification courses in the Zambezi Valley in conjunction with the Zimbabwe Hunters’ Association’s educational program.

Anne's role at BTO involves maintaining volunteer databases for selected surveys, for example the Hen Harrier Winter Roost Survey, assisting research staff in report compilation, GIS plotting and literature searching.  Anne also assists the BTO training programme, taking courses in bird identification and survey participation (WeBS, BirdTrack, BBS) for volunteers.

Anne is also a keen bird photographer and is an 'A' permit holder.  She takes part in several BTO surveys, WeBS, BBS and BirdTrack.


BSc (Hons) St Andrews 1974

Recent BTO Publications

Booth Jones, K.A., O’Connell, P., Wolsey, S., Carrington-Cotton, A., Noble, D.G., McCulloch, N. & Calladine, J.R. 2022. Loss of breeding waders from key lowland grassland sites in Northern Ireland. Irish Birds 44 : 11-22
Booth Jones, K., O’Connell, P., Calladine, J., Noble, D., Wolsey, S., Carrington-Cotton A. & Wernham, C. 2021. Northern Ireland Lowland Breeding Wader Survey. Research Report no. 731. BTO Research Report 731 ISBN: 978–1–912642–21–2
Jarrett, D., Calladine, J., Cotton, A., Wilson, M.W. & Humphreys, E. 2020. Behavioural responses of non-breeding waterbirds to drone approach are associated with flock size and habitat. Bird Study View at journal website (DOI: 10.1080/00063657.2020.1808587) 7pp
Franks S.E., Roodbergen M., Teunissen W., Carrington Cotton, A., Pearce‐Higgins, J.W. 2018. Evaluating the effectiveness of conservation measures for European grassland‐breeding waders. Ecology & Evolution View at journal website (DOI: 10.1002/ece3.4532)
Roos, S., Noble, D., Dobson, A., Howarth, P., Fielding, A., Carrington-Cotton, A., Etheridge, B. & Wernham, C. 2015. Raptors in Scotland – a methodology for developing trends and indicators. SNH Commissioned Report 542 Scottish Natural Heritage

Other Publications

Humphreys, E.M., Carrington-Cotton, A. & Wernham, C.V. 2010. A Review of an Exploratory Trial of Two Management Practices Designed to Reduce Sparrowhawk Attacks on Racing Pigeons at Pigeon Lofts. Report to the Scottish Government.

Wernham, C., Riley, H., Calladine, J., Carrington-Cotton, A., Etheridge, E. & Roos, S. 2009. Reviewing the first five years of data for the Scottish Raptor Monitoring Scheme (2003 – 2007), analysing for trends and preparing the 2007 report. BTO report to the Scottish Raptor Monitoring Group.

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