Andy Musgrove


Associate Director - Monitoring


I oversee the work of our two monitoring teams – Surveys and Demography – which collectively cover almost all of the surveys and schemes where volunteers contribute their records of birds they have observed, counted, ringed or nest-recorded.


BSc (Hons) Chemistry, Bristol University, 1989-1992
PhD Investigations into a Raptor-Human Conflict, Bristol University, 1992-1996

Research Interests/Responsibilities

The Surveys and Demography teams organise volunteer-based surveys to collect the data underpinning the BTO's definitive status measures of UK bird populations, including population estimates, trends, distribution, productivity, survival and movements.  We disseminate our findings to researchers, government, consultancies and the wider public.  I am particularly involved in the development of BirdTrack, and more widely interested in development of intuitive and attractive online recording approaches to data collection.  I am also interested in understanding to what extent the UK's volunteer birdwatching network can be mobilised to collect useful data on non-avian taxa.

Other Information

Member of the British Ornithologists' Union Records Committee
Long-term birder and all-round naturalist

Selected Publications

Newson, S.E, Moran, N.J., Musgrove, A.J., Pearce-Higgins, J.W., Gillings, S., Atkinson, P.W., Miller, R., Grantham, M.J. & Baillie, S.J. 2016. Long-term change in spring and autumn migration phenology of common migrant breeding birds in Britain: results from large-scale citizen science bird recording schemes. Ibis 158 (3) 481-495.
Harris, S.J., Massimino, D., Newson, S.E., Eaton, M.A., Balmer, D.E., Noble, D.G., Musgrove, A.J., Gillings, S., Procter, D. & Pearce-Higgins, J.W. 2015. The Breeding Bird Survey 2014. BTO Research Report 673. British Trust for Ornithology, Thetford. 

Musgrove, A.J., Aebischer, N.J., Eaton, M.A., Hearn, R.D., Newson, S.E., Noble, D.G., Parson, M., Risely, K. & Stroud, D.A. 2013. Population estimates of birds in Great Britain and the United Kingdom. British Birds 106: 64-100.

Musgrove, A.J., Siriwardena, G., Noble, D.G., Risely, K. & Calbrade, N.A. 2011.  Research in support of a targeted review of the current UK network of Special Protection Areas (SPAs).  BTO Research Report No. 594.

Musgrove, A.J., Austin, G.E., Hearn, R.D., Holt, C.A., Stroud, D.A. & Wotton, S.R. 2011. Overwinter population estimates of British waterbirds. British Birds 104: 364-397.

Crowe, O., Austin, G.E., Colhoun, K., Cranswick, P.A., Kershaw, M. & Musgrove, A.J. 2008. Estimates and trends of waterbird numbers wintering in Ireland, 1994/95 to 2003/04. Bird Study 55: 66-77.

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Snow, L.C., Newson, S.E., Musgrove, A.J., Cranswick, P.A., Crick, H.P.Q. & Wilesmith, J.W. 2007. Risk-based surveillance for H5N1 avian influenza virus in wild birds in Great Britain. Veterinary Record 161: 775-781.

Musgrove A.J., Langston R.H.L., Baker H. & Ward R.M. (eds) 2003. Estuarine Waterbirds at Low Tide: the WeBS Low Tide Counts 1992-93 to 1998-99. WSG/BTO/WWT/RSPB/JNCC, Thetford.

Musgrove, A.J. 2002. The non-breeding status of the Little Egret in Britain. British Birds 95: 62-80.

Contact details

Email: andy.musgrove [at]
Telephone: 01842 750050
Fax: 01842 750030
Postal address: British Trust for Ornithology, The Nunnery, Thetford, IP24 2PU, UK.