Andy Musgrove

Associate Director Information Systems

Andy oversees the work of the Information Systems team, who manage the technical systems, websites, web applications and databases that underpin the work of BTO.

Interests & Responsibilities

Andy represents the Information Systems team within the management of BTO, presenting and promoting IS topics in particular and developing key strategic computing objectives. He coordinates the development of new and existing software projects, working with other departments (particularly Monitoring and Communications) to plan resources and scheduling of projects. He also interacts with a wide range of external partners in the biological recording sector, with a view to collaborating and sharing best practice where possible. Additionally, Andy is responsible for the computing provision, security, licensing and support within BTO.

Other Information

Andy was previously Associate Director (Monitoring) within BTO. He is a member of the British Ornithologists' Union Records Committee and is a long-term birder and all-round naturalist. Andy has been particularly involved with the development of BirdTrack, and more widely is interested in understanding to what extent the UK's volunteer birdwatching network can be mobilised to collect useful data on non-avian taxa.


BSc (Hons) Chemistry, Bristol University, 1989-1992
PhD Investigations into a Raptor-Human Conflict, Bristol University, 1992-1996

Recent BTO Publications

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Andy Musgrove, Iain Downie, Mark Hammond, Nick Moran & Karen Wright 2014. Odonata recording within BirdTrack: Non-technical specification. Research Report no. 614. ISBN: 978-1-908581-12-9 24pp
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