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Woodward, I.D., Calbrade, N.A. & Austin, G.E. 2018. Analysis of Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS) Data for The Humber Estuary SSSI, SAC, SPA and Ramsar site: Third appraisal - sector-level trends to winter 2016/17. Research Report no. 709. ISBN: 978-1-912642-09-0 268pp Download Report (PDF)
Calbrade, N.A. 2014. WeBS Low Tide Counts on English SPAs. Research Report no. 655. ISBN: 978-1-908581-44-0 49pp £5.00 Download Report (PDF)
D A Still, N A Calbrade & C A Holt 2014. Review and analysis of changes in waterbird use of the Mersey Estuary SPA, Mersey Narrows & North Wirral Foreshore SPA and Ribble & Alt Estuaries SPA. Research Report no. 648. ISBN: 978-1-908581-46-4 203pp £20.00 Download Report (PDF)
Austin, G. & Calbrade, N. 2013. Within-site waterbird trends relative to whole-site, regional and national population trends: Dungeness, Romney Marsh and Rye Bay SSSI. Research Report no. 546. ISBN: 978-1-908581-20-4 115pp £10.00 Download Report (PDF)
Calbrade, N.A., Musgrove, A.J. & Austin, G.E. 2013. Waterbirds on English Sites of Special Scientific Interest: A review of the use made by non-breeding waterbirds of the English SSSI network. Research Report no. 574. ISBN: 978-1-908581-23-5 18pp £2.50 Download Report (PDF)
N.A. Calbrade 2013. Humber Estuary Low Tide Programme 2011/12. Research Report no. 642. ISBN: 978-1-908581-24-2 168pp £15.00 Download Report (PDF)
Neil Calbrade & Nick Mason 2013. Habitat use by Avocet and Dark-bellied Brent Geese on the Deben Estuary over the high tide period. Research Report no. 622. ISBN: 978-1-908581-25-9 21pp £2.50 Download Report (PDF)
V.H. Ross-Smith, N.A. Calbrade & G.E. Austin 2013. Analysis of Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS) Data for the Wash SSSI/NNR. Research Report no. 587. ISBN: 978-1-908581-22-8 166pp £15.00 Download Report (PDF)
Lucy J. Wright, Viola H. Ross-Smith, Graham E. Austin, Dario Massimino, Daria Dadam,Aonghais S.C.P. Cook, Neil A. Calbrade & Niall H.K. Buon 2011. Strategic Ornithological Support Services Project SOSS-05: Review of bird migration routes in relation to offshore wind farm development zones. Research Report no. 592. Link to publication
Musgrove, A.J., Siriwardena, G.M., Noble, D.G., Risely, K. & Calbrade, N. 2011. Research in support of a targeted review of the current UK network of terrestrial and coastal Special Protection Areas (SPAs). Research Report no. 594. Link to publication 23pp
Austin, G. & Calbrade, N. 2010. Within-site waterbird trends relative to whole-site and regional population trends: the South Lincs. Shooting zone on The Wash SPA. Research Report no. 548. ISBN: 978-1-908581-03-7 56pp £5.00 Download Report (PDF)
Calbrade, N.A., Holt, C.A., Austin, G.E., Mellan, H.J., Hearn, R.D., Stroud, D.A., Wotton, S.R. & Musgrove, A.J. 2010. Waterbirds in the UK 2008/09: The Wetland Bird Survey. BTO/RSPB/JNCC, Thetford.
Marchant, J.H., Calbrade, N.A. & Austin, G.E. 2009. Methods for comparing low-tide trends for Wetland Bird Survey count sectors with wider regions: a pilot study for three wader species on the Stour and Orwell Estuaries SPA. Research Report no. 540. ISBN: 978-1-908581-04-4 116pp £10.00 Download Report (PDF)
Austin, G.E., Calbrade, N.A., Rehfisch, M.R. & Wright, L.J. 2008. Humber Estuary SPA waterbird populations: trend analyses by count sector. Research Report no. 497. ISBN: 978-1-906204-68-6 216pp £20.00 Download Report (PDF)
Calbrade, N.A., Musgrove, A.J. & Rehfisch, M.R. 2008. Colne Estuary low tide counts 2007/08. Research Report no. 505. ISBN: 978-1-906204-72-3 38pp £5.00 Download Report (PDF)
Siriwardena, G.M., Calbrade, N.A. & Vickery, J.A. 2008. Farmland birds and late winter food: does seed supply fail to meet demand?. Ibis 150 : 585-595 View at journal website (DOI: 10.1111/j.1474-919X.2008.00828.x)
Siriwardena, G.M., Stevens, D.K., Anderson, G.Q.A., Vickery, J.A., Calbrade, N.E. & Dodd, S. 2007. The effect of supplementary winter seed food on breeding populations of farmland birds: evidence from two large-scale experiments. Journal of Applied Ecology 44 : 920-932 View at journal website (DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2664.2007.01339.x)
Siriwardena, G.M., Calbrade, N.A., Vickery, J.A., & Sutherland, W.J. 2006. The effect of the spatial distribution of winter seed food resources on their use by farmland birds. Journal of Applied Ecology 43 : 628-639 View at journal website (DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2664.2006.01170.x)