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Jarrett D., Calladine J., Milner J., Wernham C., Wilson M. 2019. Investigating wader breeding productivity in the East Cairngorms Moorland Partnership Area using collaborative methods. Research Report no. 715. British Trust for Ornithology, Thetford ISBN: 9781912642014 44pp £15.00 Download Report (PDF)
Lehikoinen, A., Brotons, L., Calladine, J., Campedelli, T., Escandell, V., Flousek, J., Grueneberg, C., Haas, F., Harris, S.J., Herrando, S., Husby, M., Jiguet, F., Atle, J., Åke, K., Romain, L., Blas, L., Clara, M., Gianpiero, P., Thomas, C., Hans, S., Sirkiä, P.M., Teufelbauer, N. & Trautmann, S. 2019. Declining population trends of European mountain birds. Global Change Biology 25 (part 2) : 577-588 Link to publication View at journal website (DOI: 10.1111/gcb.14522) 12pp
Wilson M., Jarrett D., & Calladine J. 2018. Review of data and monitoring options for assessing the status of breeding wader populations in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Research Report no. 713. BTO Research Report 713 British Trust for Ornithology, Thetford, England ISBN: 9781912642007 30pp £12.00 Download Report (PDF)
David Jarrett, John Calladine, Chris Wernham & Mark Wilson 2017. Monitoring Breeding Waders in Wensleydale: trialling surveys carried out by farmers and gamekeepers. Research Report no. 703. British Trust for Ornithology, Thetford ISBN: 978-1-908581-85-3 £5.00 Download Report (PDF)
Dario Massimino & John Calladine 2017. Modelled abundance and change in abundance of Red Deer and Roe Deer in Scotland from Breeding Bird Survey data. British Trust for Ornithology, Thetford Download Report (PDF)
Calladine, J., Jarrett, D., Wilson, M. & Edwards, C. 2017. Stand structure and breeding birds in managed Scots pine forests: Some likely long-term implications for continuous cover forestry. Forest Ecology and Management 397 : 174-184 View at journal website (DOI: 10.1016/j.foreco.2017.04.039)
M.V. Bell, Calladine, J. 2017. The decline of a population of farmland breeding waders: a twenty-five-year case study. Bird Study 64 (part 2) : 264-273 View at journal website (DOI: 10.1080/00063657.2017.1319903)
Calladine, J., Humphreys, E.M., Gilbert, L., Furness, R.W., Robinson, R.A., Fuller, R.J., Littlewood, N.A., Pakeman, R.J., Ferguson, J. & Thompson, C. 2017. Continuing influences of introduced hedgehogs Erinaceus europaeus as a predator of wader (Charadrii) eggs four decades after their release on the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. Biological Invasions 19 : 1 981-1 987 View at journal website (DOI: 10.1007/s10530-017-1422-4)
Murray, C., Minderman, J., Allison, J. & Calladine, J. 2016. Vegetation structure influences foraging decisions in a declining grassland bird: the importance of fine-scale habitat and grazing regime. Bird Study 63 (part 2) : 223-232 View at journal website (DOI: 10.1080/00063657.2016.1180342)
Ainsworth, G., Calladine, J., Martay, B., Park, K., Redpath, S., Wernham, C., Wilson, M. & Young, J. 2016. Understanding Predation. A review bringing together natural science and local knowledge of recent wild bird population changes and their drivers in Scotland. Moorland Forum Link to publication
Calladine, J., Humphreys, E.M. & Boyle, J. 2015. Changes in breeding wader populations of the Uist machair between 1983 and 2014. Scottish Birds 35 (part 3) : 207-215
Calladine, J. 2015. Multi-scale associations with habitat, land use and change: Opportunities and limitations for Whinchats Saxicola rubetra in the uplands of Scotland. Book title: Living on the edge of extinction in Europe. Proceedings of the first European Whinchat Symposium : 205-212
Calladine, J., Bray, J., Broome, A. & Fuller, R.J 2015. Comparison of breeding bird assemblages in conifer plantations managed by continuous cover forestry and clearfelling. Forest Ecology and Management 344 : 20-29 Link to publication View at journal website (DOI: 10.1016/j.foreco.2015.02.017)
Calladine, J., Critchley, C.N.R., Baker, D., Towers, J. & Thiel, A. 2014. Conservation management of moorland: a case study of the effectiveness of a combined suite of management prescriptions which aim to enhance breeding bird populations. Bird Study 61 (part 1) : 56-72 Link to publication View at journal website (DOI: 10.1080/00063657.2013.876615)
Calladine, J., Pakeman, R.J., Humphreys, E., Huband, S. & Fuller, R.J. 2014. Changes in breeding wader assemblages, vegetation and land use within machair environments over three decades. Bird Study 61 (part 3) : 287-300 Link to publication View at journal website (DOI: 10.1080/00063657.2014.917604)
Fuller, R. & Calladine, J. 2014. Landscape transition through natural processes: implications for biodiversity of tree regeneration on moorland. Book title: Ecology and conservation of birds in upland and alpine habitats: Proceedings of the BOU Annual Conference held at the University of Leicester, 1-3 April 2014 BOU Link to publication
Henderson, I., Calladine, J., Massimino, D., Taylor, J.A. & Gillings, S. 2014. Evidence for contrasting causes of population change in two closely related, sympatric breeding species the Whinchat Saxicola rubetra and Stonechat Saxicola torquata in Britain. Bird Study 61 (part 4) : 553-565 Link to publication View at journal website (DOI: 10.1080/00063657.2014.962482)
Burton, N.H.K., Banks, A.N., Calladine, J.R & Austin, G.E. 2013. The importance of the United Kingdom for wintering gulls: population estimates and conservation requirements. Bird Study 60 (part 1) : 87-101 Link to publication View at journal website (DOI: 10.1080/00063657.2012.748716)
Calladine, J. & Morrison, N. 2013. Diurnal and nocturnal ranging behaviour by moorland-breeding Short-eared Owls Asio flammeus in Scotland. Bird Study 60 (part 1) : 44-51 Link to publication View at journal website (DOI: 10.1080/00063657.2012.736471)
Calladine, J., Bielinski, A. & Shaw, G. 2013. Effects on bird abundance and species richness of edge restructuring to include shrubs at the interface between conifer plantations and moorland. Bird Study 60 (part 3) : 345-356 Link to publication View at journal website (DOI: DOI:10.1080/00063657.2013.797953)
Calladine, J., Garner, G. & Humphreys, L. 2013. A sample survey of the breeding birds at woodland expansion sites of the Scottish Forest Alliance in 2007. Research Report no. 493. ISBN: 978-1-908581-19-8 48pp £5.00 Download Report (PDF)
Calladine, J., du Feu, C. & du Feu, R. 2012. Changing migration patterns of the Short-eared Owl Asio flammeus in Europe: an analysis of ringing recoveries. Journal of Ornithology 153 (part 3) : 691-698 Link to publication View at journal website (DOI: 10.1007/s10336-011-0786-y)
Calladine, J., Garner, G. & Wernham, C. 2012. Developing methods for the field survey and monitoring of breeding Short-eared Owls (Asio flammeus) in the UK: an interim report from pilot fieldwork in 2006. Research Report no. 472. ISBN: 978-1-908581-17-4 62pp £5.00 Download Report (PDF)
Bray, J., Calladine, J. & Thiel, A. 2011. Third year of ornithological surveys at House of Water, East Ayrshire: breeding season 2010 and winter season 2010-11. Research Report no. 602. ISBN: 978-1-906204-99-0 32pp £2.50 Download Report (PDF)
Calladine, J. & Thiel, A. 2010. Second year of ornithological surveys at House of Water, East Ayrshire: breeding season 2009 and winter season 2009-10. Research Report no. 550. ISBN: 978-1-906204-70-9 37pp £5.00 Download Report (PDF)
Calladine, J., Garner, G., Wernham, C. & Buxton, N. 2010. Variation in the diurnal activity of breeding Short-eared Owls Asio flammeus: implications for their survey and monitoring. Bird Study 57 : 89-99 View at journal website (DOI: 10.1080/00063650903437503)
Fuller, R.J., Humphreys, E.M., Wilson, J.D., Hoccom, D. & Calladine, J. 2010. Changes in the breeding wader populations of the machair of the Western Isles, Scotland, between 2000 and 2007. Bird Study 57 : 121-124 View at journal website (DOI: 10.1080/00063650903196893)
Banks, A.N., Burton, N.H.K., Calladine, J.R. & Austin, G.E. 2009. Indexing winter gull numbers in Great Britain using data from the 1953 to 2004 Winter Gull Roost Surveys. Bird Study 56 : 103-119 View at journal website (DOI: 10.1080/00063650802681623)
Calladine, J. & Thiel, A. 2009. Ornithological surveys at House of Water, East Ayrshire: breeding season 2008 and winter season 2008-09. Research Report no. 534. ISBN: 978-1-906204-59-4 27pp £2.50 Download Report (PDF)
Calladine, J., Garner, G., Wernham, C. & Thiel, A. 2009. The influence of survey frequency on population estimates of moorland breeding birds. Bird Study 56 : 381-388 View at journal website (DOI: 10.1080/00063650902984604)
Calladine, J., Humphreys, E.M., Strachan, F. & Jardine, D.C. 2009. Forestry thinning in commercial conifer plantations has little effect on bird species richness and breeding abundance. Bird Study 56 : 137-141 View at journal website (DOI: 10.1080/00063650802681698)
Harris, C.M., Calladine, J.R., Wernham, C.V. & Park, K.J. 2008. Impacts of piscivorous birds on salmonid populations and game fisheries in Scotland: a review. Wildlife Biology 14 : 395-411 Link to publication
Park, K.J., Graham, K.E., Calladine, J. & Wernham, C.V. 2008. Impacts of birds of prey on gamebirds in the UK: a review. Ibis 150 : 9-26 View at journal website (DOI: 10.1111/j.1474-919X.2008.00847.x)
Calladine, J. & Wernham, C. 2007. Extensive monitoring of Arctic alpine birds in Scotland: a pilot survey to test the potential of using volunteer surveys. Research Report no. 473. ISBN: 978-1-906204-24-2 62pp £5.00 Download Report (PDF)
Calladine, J., Humphreys, L. & McPhie, F. 2007. The effects of thinning in commercial conifer plantations on breeding bird abundance and diversity in the north of Scotland. Research Report no. 459. ISBN: 1-904870-95-3 35pp £2.50 Download Report (PDF)
Banks, A.N., Burton, N.H.K., Calladine, J.R. & Austin, G.E. 2006. Winter gulls in the UK: population estimates from the 2003/04-2005/06 Winter Gull Roost Survey. Research Report no. 456. ISBN: 978-1-904870-93-7 58pp £5.00 Download Report (PDF)
Calladine, J., Robertson, D. & Wernham, C. 2006. The ranging behaviour of some granivorous passerines on farmland in winter determined by mark-recapture ringing and by radiotelemetry. Ibis 148 : 169-173 View at journal website (DOI: 10.1111/j.1474-919X.2006.00488.x)
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Calladine, J. 2005. A pilot study to test the efficacy of field methods for wide scale monitoring of Ptarmigan in Scotland. Research Report no. 423. ISBN: 1-904870-51-1 28pp £2.50 Download Report (PDF)
Calladine, J., Crick, H. & Wernham, C. 2005. Development of methods for surveying and estimating population size of Short-eared Owls. Research Report no. 394. ISBN: 978-1-906204-41-9 29pp £2.50 Download Report (PDF)
Calladine, J., Wernham, C. & Robertson, D. 2004. The ranging behaviour of some granivorous passerines in winter on farmland: Report for the second season Winter 2003/04. Research Report no. 373. ISBN: 1-904870-13-9 47pp £5.00 Download Report (PDF)
Chamberlain, D., Calladine, J. & Harding, N. 2004. Ornithological survey of a proposed windfarm site at Hill of Nigg. Research Report no. 375. ISBN: 978-1-906204-13-6 37pp £5.00 Download Report (PDF)
Calladine, J. 2003. Baseline bird survey of Milton Glen, Stirling. Research Report no. 332. ISBN: 1-902576-80-2 47pp £5.00 Download Report (PDF)