Taking part

Taking part in BTO surveys is both fun and rewarding, and we really do need more volunteer surveyors to take part in long-term monitoring and specific projects in Wales.

Kestrel. Photograph by Edmund Fellowes
If more people were involved, we would be able to provide monitoring information for Kestrels. Edmund Fellowes 

We need more bird recording in Wales, and that means we need help from people who:

  • Could spend time in the countryside during the summer – please consider the Breeding Bird Survey
  • Spend time in the upland and remoter areas and could submit records of what they see – please consider adding your bird records to BirdTrack
  • Like walking along rivers – please consider the Waterways Breeding Bird Survey
  • Like watching birds in their gardens – please consider joining Garden BirdWatch
  • Like watching birds on lochs (even very small ones) and estuaries – please consider the Wetland Bird Survey
  • Are fascinated by birds and their nests – please consider the Nest Record Scheme
  • Are licensed bird ringers – please consider taking on a CES site or RAS project

To help you decide which survey is right for you, visit our take part in a project page.

Next steps

To learn more about opportunities in your area or to volunteer, please contact your local BTO Regional Representative or e-mail kelvin.jones [at] bto.org

We would like to express our thanks to all those volunteers who have already given so generously of their own time to take part in bird recording in Wales

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