Policy-driven research

BTO Scotland exists to ensure that the work of the BTO is of relevance for Scotland’s birds, habitats, environmental challenges and policy decision making. Our entirely impartial stance, reputation for high quality objective research, specific Scottish skills and knowledge mean that we are well-placed to carry out policy-driven projects for, and provide advice to, a diverse range of stakeholders.  Staff members at BTO Scotland have research expertise and interests in a wide range of Scottish habitats, species and applied conservation issues, in scientific critique and reviewing, and in projects that involve active stakeholder engagement and consultation. We can also draw on the collective expertise of our colleagues across the organisation (see Research Services).

Examples of policy-driven projects have included an assessment of the impacts of goose scaring on Islay, a review of goose management policy in Scotland, advice on the population ecology and management of urban gulls in Scotland, a review of the impacts of predatory birds on wildlife, and an appraisal of a trial to relocate Sparrowhawks away from racing pigeon lofts. We also have particular interests in cross-cutting research related to renewable energy, both marine and onshore. We provide Scottish expertise to the BTO Marine and Wetland Team in relation to work on seabirds and marine renewable, and are actively engaged with the Scottish Windfarm Bird Steering Group. We can also offer a range of ecological consultancy services, subject to staff availability.

BTO Scotland research in this area cuts across the BTO research themes.

Staff contacts: Chris Wernham & Liz Humphreys.

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